Always, The Poor Will be With You

By Ron Graham

“For the poor always ye have with you...” John 12:8a. The various explanations of the Greek word for “poor” consist of: reduced to beggary, begging, asking alms, destitute of wealth, influence, position, honor, lowly, afflicted, helpless, poor, and needy. The Greek word for “always” can also be translated “forever more”. Jesus is speaking here, in particular, about the greed displayed by Judas Iscariot (who later betrayed Him) concerning the expense of the oil Mary is using to anoint the Lord to prepare Him for burial. But it’s very interesting how the Creator of the World is also telling those around Him, including His disciples, that there will always be those who are poverty stricken (poor) among them/us.


Lately in the news there’s been a lot of talk about hyper-inflation and this talk is increasingly being propagated from pundits, commentators, and analysts of all kinds. What is hyper-inflation? The dictionary describes it as “a very general increase in prices”. In today’s terminology though, that definition would be an understatement. No, what today’s hyper-inflation is referring to will purposely turn people who once had wealth into people who are destitute of any wealth whatsoever. There is currently a push among the governing elite to see this become reality.


How can hyper-inflation happen? Hyper-inflation doesn’t just happen one day; this very real phenomenon has been in the works for many years. Poverty has always been with us, but what we see sprouting are ugly tentacles of a very pervasive, fully encompassing, methodically reasoned, and quickly approaching, worldwide (planned) catastrophe. The very descriptive phrase “poverty stricken” is much closer to becoming a reality for the majority of earth’s populous today than ever before in earth’s history. Worldwide economic and financial disorder will lead to a complete collapse of all the social order, and it’s clearly on the horizon. But along with this imminent and increasingly frightening situation comes great anticipation by believers in Christ that the last days are here.


The principalities and powers are full blown into creating a one world order and the world will look for someone to get them out of the ugly mess they’ve found themselves in, and a leader will emerge. That fact in itself should be more than encouraging to believers. Why? Because the word of God tells us that before that eventuality occurs Christ will take His Church home. Just as the return of our Messiah draws ever closer, so draws the prophesied approaching world chaos – and the world stands unawares.


The questions put to me in various letter are:


1. Will we be raptured before the crash of the world economy?

2. Will we need to store up food while we wait for Christ’s return?

3. Wouldn’t storing up food and resources be standing against God?  


I’m no guru or prophet but we can certainly refer to the word of God for direction. In times past, God has given signs of future events such as famines and those astute enough to see the signs survived the famine because they were prepared.


For instance, we’re told in the book of Genesis that Joseph, the son of Jacob, used his God given ability of dream interpretation to explain to Pharaoh of Egypt what God was trying to tell Pharaoh through a dream. “And Joseph said unto Pharaoh, The dream of Pharaoh is one: God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about to do. …This is the thing which I have spoken unto Pharaoh: What God is about to do he sheweth unto Pharaoh. Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt: And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; And the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous.  ” Genesis 41:25, 28-29.


We’re told that because God gave Pharaoh a dream, Egypt became diligent in their preparations concerning the approaching famine. Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of all Egypt’s storage facilities and when the famine came, Joseph had done his job well. Egypt, and Egypt alone, had storage facilities which were completely full. The whole world would endure the famine and the whole world looked to Egypt for food. Egypt was greatly blessed and as such they prospered throughout the seven years of famine.


“And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” Revelation 6:5-6. The imminent worldwide economic upheaval points to a fulfillment of the above verses as being on the very near horizon. A horizon filled with the poor and destitute.


Therefore it only makes sense to presume that God has given us this history lesson in advance for a reason and it is up to us to heed His warning signs or ignore them – possibly to our own peril. “But Ron, God will always provide for His children’s needs”. True. And just how does He go about that phenomenal feat? Can we assume that when the economic upheaval gets a little worse and the Lord tarries a while longer before taking us home, that when food becomes scarce or too expensive to purchase, that God will then simply rain down manna from Heaven? 


Perhaps, but a more realistic approach to the situation might be that, as believers in Christ, God is telling us that the world economy is about to implode and that we should be getting ourselves prepared. “In Christ” believers know the end time scenario, or at least we should. Thus we must prepare our barns for any eventuality. Right? Brothers and sisters in the Lord, having the wherewithal to help each other while we also help the lost of the world would be a great example and witness to those who are perishing, and possibly the last act of benevolence to be observed by the lost prior to the rapture.


As I’ve mentioned, the letters are numerous asking what we should be doing right now since we can see all this upheaval coming. To me it’s very simple: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and His word. His word tells us that a huge disruption in the norm is coming. No one knows just exactly when He’ll remove His Church, but it will occur prior to the Lamb of God opening the six seals of Revelation 6. Of course nothing happens instantaneously so there may well be some pre-upheaval apparent to the Church. Many may well become destitute and homeless. The poor will always be with us.


It won’t be going against God’s word to have a little extra food, water, and other provisions on hand in case of an emergency. I believe it would only be prudent and a very good management scenario of our God given resources. Everything we have belongs to God, thus He expects us to take good care of what’s His. Surely God would not be opposed to His children storing up some provisions so His Temple (our bodies) will remain as a beacon of light to the lost.


This world has fully embraced what is known as a fiat money system. In other words  there is no substantive value backing our paper money, it can’t be redeemed for gold or silver. It only holds value as long as the government leadership says so. Ask yourself what you would do if you were to be confronted at the door of a store by the owner who blocks your entry into the store until you show him you have either gold or silver to use as payment for goods. No cash and no credit cards are allowed.


We need shelter from the harmfulness of adverse weather conditions, we need food and water, and we need clothing. Without paper money the barter system comes to mind. And if it comes to it, we’ll need a community of likeminded people to barter with. The bartering scenario is just a suggestion; I’m not saying it will ever come to that extreme. But since there is a possibility of such a scenario you might want to look around to see what you own which might be valuable enough to be a source for bartering.


I’m only suggesting things like this because I know folks are very concerned about the future of the world’s economic/financial systems. It’s amazing how we’ve allowed a few articulate speaking individuals to take complete control over our financial stability. Where did we go wrong? Well it all started when we decided to believe man over God. Now man rules and God has been removed. But the current trend that God is insignificant in the minds of most men will soon be reversed as God takes back the helm.


Children of God, we’ve become way too extravagant and materialistic in these end times. Jesus said the poor will always be with us and some of us might just fall into that category before long. We would all do well to get ourselves back to the basics of life and disregard the rest as nonessential. And here’s a thought. Instead of adding to your woes this Christmas season by venturing further into indebtedness, why not spend your hard earned income on something that will keep you and your family sustained in the future while many others scramble to find food? Something that would sustain your loved ones when times get tough would be a full pantry.


Pray we are raptured before any such scenario becomes a reality, but prepare for the possibility that poverty may soon become a way of life.


God bless you all,


Ron Graham

All scripture is from the KJV and God breathed