Patience and God’s Miracle’s

By Ron Graham

“Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:2-3. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a commentary titled “Everything Falls Apart”. Before I go any further, let me just say I’ve not changed my opinion which I expressed in that commentary. It’s just a fact everything around us is deteriorating, basically falling apart. We grow older every day; it’s unavoidable and inevitable that someday we will die. Time is the contributing factor and at some point we realize it crept up on us practically unseen. Then of course time runs out.

However, sometimes God gives us a little more time, perhaps because our work for His Kingdom is incomplete. Even when we might be drawing up a will or arranging for our own funerals, God might say “Just a minute there son, I’m not through with you just yet.”

The week after I wrote and posted the commentary “Everything Falls Apart” I began a series of blood infusions. They are actually referred to as IVIG Infusions. I began on Tuesday the 10th, and they continued on Wednesday and Thursday of that week. My wife and I were of the mindset that this procedure might just be a last ditch effort. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to join my many brethren who’ve gone on to be with our Lord, but I’d actually prefer to be caught up with the rest of you in the rapture.

My wife tells me everyday how much she loves me and needs me and I love her so much that I was agonizing every day over the possibility that I might soon be leaving her and the kids so I was willing to try anything the doctor would suggest to rid my body of this horrible disease. As I mentioned, the first infusion began on Tuesday; Wednesday morning before I began my second infusion my doctor came into the oncology/hematology department, and as we began to speak he said “You’re better.” I said how can you tell (I did feel a little different, but I had had days that were better than others in the past). He said “Your voice is much stronger.” My wife agreed with him as she too noticed this change in the strength of my voice.

It was Tuesday, a week prior to the beginning of the infusions, when my wife and I first met with this doctor. During the consultation the doctor spoke about the procedure and explained all that would occur. But then he began to speak in a somewhat pessimistic voice. You see Myasthenia Gravis is usually discovered in the blood, this was not the case with me. I had to endure electric shock to my muscles, and only then was I diagnosed with this form of Myasthenia. Since the procedure I was to undergo the following week was a blood infusion, the doctor was somewhat less than optimistic about this procedure bearing positive results since none of the medication that I’d been taking had bore any positive results. During the week I had to wait to begin the procedure my apprehensiveness grew and before long my mind became focused on cancelling the procedure. I ultimately relented, and when the day arrived we headed off to the clinic to get the first infusion over with.

The second infusion was completed and I felt well enough to take my wife out to dinner. The muscles in my throat had stopped working months before so it was impossible for me to swallow solid food. Now, for the first time in these many months I was able, once again, to eat solid food. The next day I was doing very well and I still had one more infusion to undergo. My doctor came in and took one look at me and he was ecstatic. Any pessimism on his part had vanished. Both my neurologist and hematologist were, to say the least, extremely pleased with the results, so far, from these infusions.

The next day was Friday and I was able to walk down to my mailbox, which is about an eighth of a mile round trip. Remember, I was hardly able to walk across the room prior to the infusions and like I said, eating solid food had ceased months before. Saturday was not a great day; the exhaustion was extreme after just a little physical exertion (I might have over done it).

I’m not out of the woods yet. I must continue the infusions every three to four weeks until the Myasthenia is in total remission. Then they will continue but less frequently. But the thoughts of funerals are no longer persistent on my mind. The best part is God has given me a new determination to continue His work. I couldn’t wait to get started, I’ve begun about 5 new commentaries since Sunday and I’m writing this update on Monday.

No one knows what God’s going to do; just when we might be thinking “Well, that’s it then”, He jumps in and says “Oh no, not yet. You’ve passed this trial of the trying of your faith and you’ve gained much patience. My child now it’s time to get back in the game full time.” I’ve told my wife that I’d like to begin preaching again, and she agreed I should.

There’s something else I must mention. I had no idea of how many folks read my commentaries until I put out the commentary “Everything Falls Apart”. The reaction to that commentary and my illness was overwhelming. I’m still getting letters from folks who are praying for God’s healing upon me and I’m so very humbled by all the response; the letters have arrived from countries all around this old fallen world. Folks have told me they are so encouraged by my steadfastness in the face of such adversity that it has given them strength and courage to continue, even as they fight off illnesses of their own. But it’s not me or the commentary that supplies strength, it’s Jesus Christ our Lord. I’ve been told that the commentaries bring comfort as well as inspiration. All I can say is “God gets the glory”. Without Him there would be no commentaries. He gives me what He wants me to write and He knows your needs. All I’m doing is allowing Him to work in my life.

I’ll conclude with these words. I am so very thankful for all your prayers and I promise you God heard them. I’m living proof of the power God exhibits as we invoke His help through prayer. The power of God is a visual constant in my life, anyone who knows me can attest to that.

Unbeknownst to many, I was much further gone than I ever let on. I honestly felt I was at the end and I was very concerned about how my wife would deal with the funeral cost let alone keep up with the monthly bills. But as long as there was one more course of action to take I wasn’t going to give up. God knew all along what I would do, and what I’d need to endure before the healing began.

It’s my hope that my physical and mental experience might be an example to anyone who is approaching a major battle, that they would take solace in the truth that God’s grace is sufficient. God will be glorified even through pain and suffering as He continually displays His miracles for all to witness.

My prayer is that God blesses each and every one of you with many times the blessings He’s showered upon this old sinner. Thank you, God, for all these wonderful brothers and sisters.

I love you all,

Ron Graham

All scripture is from the KJV and God breathed

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