To Be or Not To Be… a Frog

By Ron Graham

There are many blatantly satanic ideas and principles creeping into our once Christian society which should be obvious to even a lukewarm Christian. The fact that Christians are not outraged by these ideas makes a statement that we have become frogs. What am I talking about? If we place a frog into a pan of boiling water that frog will jump right out. On the other hand if that same frog is placed into a pan of cold water it will sit right there as the temperature under that pan is raised little by little, until it finally boils to death. Many Christians today are just like that frog, never feeling the heat increasing until it’s too late.


What we see happening in California didn’t just happen yesterday. The Californians have been sitting in that same pot as the heat has been slowly increased for years now. A short while back they began to get a little uncomfortable with the situation so they had a legal vote and passed an amendment that stated that marriage between one man and one woman was the only recognizable marital union in the state, effectively stopping the forward motion of the homosexual agenda, they thought. Then just a few weeks ago the California Supreme Court struck down the state’s ban on same sex marriages. Four black-robed justices declared the ban unconstitutional and overrode the California voter’s decision to ban same sex marriages. The heat’s being raised California and it won’t be much longer before the water is at a boiling point. Is it too late? Only Californians can answer that. As a native Californian I feel I have the expertise to address this subject here in my commentary. Although my family and I left California fourteen years ago, I still consider it my home state.


The powers to be have turned to same sex marriages to get them out of their state’s terrible economic fiasco. I’m sure you’ve all heard the story of the man who sold his soul to the devil for wealth, but as he began to enjoy his new lifestyle Satan takes his life from him, after all he didn’t ask for long life, just wealth. California has sold her soul to the devil, and is now headed for a real heat death.


Here’s a scenario for you, what would we do if government representatives came to our door and took our children away to sell them into prostitution as a solution to the economic woes in our country? Would we just sit there in our easy chair while our precious children were removed from our homes? Or what if they were taken to a government indoctrination center where they would be brain washed into believing one of Satan’s biggest lies? Would we just sit idly by as the Californians on a whole have done? Californians have allowed the homosexual agenda into their public run schools, effectively allowing the indoctrination of their children into believing that lifestyle to be an appropriate and completely morally sanctioned government supported lifestyle. And almost simultaneously banning the reading or even the passion of a Bible in our public schools. 


It’s been said “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation”. Is your state next? No matter what state you live in I can guarantee you the homosexual agenda is in the works. All they needed was for California to cave in to the pressures of this satanic agenda and sooner or later all the rest will follow.


Another little tidbit of information, most prophecy experts see no reference to America in what is called the end time scenario. What we do see from studying our history books is that every great society such as the Greek and Roman empires collapsed as they embraced homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. Is that water beginning to boil yet? 


As a born again believer in Christ, I know God’s truth quite well. I’ve studied His word for a good many years now, and I know He’s not going to sit idly by while these unbelieving, foolish people destroy what once was the most Christian nation on earth. Something will give, and I suspect it won’t be just the homosexuals that feel the brunt of His wrath. The Apostle Paul tells us in the book of Romans “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them,” Romans 1:32. Condoning the lifestyle of homosexuals and their sick and perverse behavior is the same in God’s eyes as participating in such abominations.


What will people do as they see this terrible curse spread and its tentacles reach into every facet of society? Will there be a ground swell of rebellion arise from the ash heap of what once was a great nation? Or will we as a society just disappear into obscurity? There will come a time when we will see this country so steeped in sin that no Christian will be safe out in public. Those who actively promote the homosexual lifestyle are growing more antagonistic and resentful to Christians day by day. They know their lifestyle is wrong and they know they are wallowing in a cesspool of filth. They also know that the Christians are the only obstacle to a complete, unadulterated, sin laden society that allows any perverse activity imaginable.


That’s right my brothers and sisters in Christ, we are an obstacle that must be dealt with before total adherence to the homosexual agenda can be achieved. They (the homosexuals) already know this truth. It’s the God fearing, God loving, Jesus following Christians in this country who for the most part don’t have a clue. We must be removed from the landscape so to speak. After the laws associated with the homosexual agenda in this land are reworked to line up with their perverted agenda, what will they do with us? History shows us that after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 all the Japanese people in this country, no matter if they were US citizens or not, were rounded up and placed in internment camps. The only difference is this time those rounded up will be the Christians –that is the Christians that won’t toe the line and bow a knee to Baal.


I know what you must be thinking “This guy has gone off the deep end”. There’s no way this country of mine will ever turn into a homosexual nation. If that is your response to my commentary I would suggest you do some investigation of your own. Start with internet news sites and articles then read all the different commentaries you can get your hands on pertaining to this subject. I spent one week gathering information on the Christian persecution coming upon this nation of ours, and at the end of that week I had enough information to write a book. That was just one week’s worth of the persecution I found. All of you reading this commentary should be doing diligent research into the persecution coming upon the Christ’s Church to discover the truth for yourselves, but don’t take too long. Those on the other side who are gathering in mass are already aware of what must be done and they are working assiduously on accomplishing their goal.


It’s a proven fact that Americans think that tomorrow will be like yesterday, and next month will be like last month, that next year will be like last year. If this is your mind set, you my dear brothers and sisters in Christ are in for a huge awakening. Tomorrow will not be like yesterday; yesterday homosexual marriage was illegal but today men are marrying men and women are marrying women. Can you feel the water temperature rising? Here froggy, froggy, froggy.


From this point on this once great nation of ours will morph into exactly what has been planned for years now, one of the most, if not the most satanic society of all post antediluvian history. Satan is most definitely ecstatic at the progress he and his minions of evil are achieving with almost no resistance.


Whew, we’ve go ourselves a real rolling boil going now.


Who’ll stand up for Jesus? Will you?  


Ron Graham