Is Obama a Muslim?

By Ron Graham


What could that possibly mean for America today? Whatís wrong with a Muslim president? Keep reading.


ďI will convey our deep appreciation of the Islamic faith which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world...a great and celebrated culture...I know civilization's debt to Islam...that carried the light of learning through so many centuries paving the way for Europe's renaissance and enlightenment...US has been enriched by Muslim Americans....Ē Barack H. Obama


What have the Muslims done in America that has afforded them so much acclaim by a sitting president? Why does the president of the United States of America dote on the Muslims as though they were the answer to all of lifeís problems? Itís as though he believes the Muslims have the answer to just how to find the way the truth and the life.

Hereís a few contributions of late. One American Muslim, Major Nidal Malik Hasan who was just practicing his religion, saw fit to practice it recently by murdering 13 Americans and wounding another 29 who were going about their daily routine just doing their duty, not off in a foreign country fighting to preserve our freedoms, but just going about their business on a military base right here in the safety and security of the good Ďol USA.


Others who saw fit to practice their Muslim religion here in America were 19 Arabs who murdered 3000 innocents on September 11, 2001, a tragedy of enormous proportions causing a few billion dollars worth of damage. Obama overtly praises and glorifies this religionĖwhich he campaigns for and sees it to be his duty as President to continue forging its Ummah (domination) into America.


Those of you who take the name of Christ and whoíve proclaimed His gospel to the lost of this world and yet voted for Obama should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. America is fought for land. For hundreds of years men and women have been fighting and dying to preserve our way of life, and in the blink of an eye many of you who call yourselves Christian gave our rights away to the Muslims who have only one desire and that is world domination. All of you Obama supporters just gave the Muslims a huge leg up. We may, very soon now, find out, up front and personal what life as a Muslim is all about.


You see Muslims wonít accept anything less than total adherence to their religion. If you decide to abstain from becoming a Muslim youíll no longer have any worries, youíll have no pains in your body, and youíll never again be commanded to pay taxes. Sounds too good to be true doesnít it. You might ask, ďWhatís wrong with that Ron, no more taxes, no pain, no worries, I say bring it onĒ Yes life will be grand. Oops, did I forget to mention that the reason youíll lack pain and suffering is that youíll no longer have a head attached to your body? It is written in their Koran that if you choose not to become a Muslim you must forfeit something near and dear to you Ė your head. 


All of the above leads many to ask me the question, ďIs Obama Godís judgment on America?Ē Letís look at some pertinent information concerning our commander in chief. Has Obama actually paid his lawyers $1.7 million so far to keep his birth, college, and travel records confidential? Iíve read this many times on different news agency websites. If so, why? If you are like me youíd probably like to know the whole truth. Some day the truth will be revealed. That day may well be after Obama has left office, or maybe Godís judgment is that he never leaves office. Maybe we will have one Obama after another here in the new land of Allah.


If the truth be told that Obama was born in Kenya then he will have violated Article II Section 1 Paragraph 5 of the Constitution which states: ďNo person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.Ē Thus he will have set a new precedence for holding the office of President here in the US. From that point on it will be a simple process for those constitution hating lawyers to convince an ignorant citizenry that anyone no matter where they were born in the world can be President of the United States of America. Wouldnít that send a message heard round the world?


There has been no proof of a real birth certificate for Obama as to where he was born. Only that he was alive when he reached Hawaii with his mom and dad. Itís a statement of live birth, thatís it. No information on the time of delivery, or the doctor that delivered him. What his weight and his length were at birth or even a foot print that is usually present on hospital birth forms. It was not an actual birth certificate but that fact will never be proven because of who is behind this man.


Interestingly, a video that circulated for a while on the internet during Obamaís campaign for president, which has now been removed, included Obamaís grandmother making the statement that she was at BHOís birth in Kenya. Funny how things like this seem to disappear at the most inopportune moments. Of course it was quite opportune for Obama.


Our constitution has been trampled on for some time now but Obama and company are doing more than treading on it, they are actually discarding it for their own set of rules and regulations. Itís a new world we live in and a new country, thatís for sure. We should be getting used to the new rules. Hereís a new one that was just signed into law by the Kenyan, itís no longer okay to preach from certain portions of the word of God because they are accusatory in nature and you will be arrested for being hateful to your fellow Americans.


This is nothing new. Other countries have already enacted such legislation and have actually sent ministers to jail for disobeying their new law. America the beautiful ainít so beautiful anymore is it? A country that was once a joy to be a resident of, or a native of, or even a visitor to is now growing into a nation of ugly. You disagree? Just keep watching the up and coming events as they unfold. You will become more and more convinced that even ugly hardly describes the new US.


One thing about Obama is heís not prejudice, I donít believe he likes anyone. How can you say that Ron? Itís simple, Satan has indwelt Obama and Satan hates all humans. Go ahead and disagree with me, send me your condescending emails, tell me how I canít be a believer if I say the things I say about Obama. Then weíll all set back and play the wait and see game.


Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, nothing derogatory sticks to this guy. He walks around spouting off ďin errorĒ about whatever subject he pleases and the ignorant masses still just swoon over him as though heís perfect. The scales on peopleís eyes are so heavy I doubt theyíll ever see the truth. As long as Obama allows Satan to control his every move masses will follow him right straight down that path that leads to destruction.


No real birth certificate? Who cares? Obama is doing great and wonderful things for this country and for the whole world. Abortion? Heís added to the abortion debate by opening up US funding for abortions worldwide, thatís a pretty big one. Homosexuality? Heís filled his cabinet with homosexuals and all sorts of perverts, go figure. Debt? He added trillions of dollars to the US debt, thatís no big deal weíll just print more money to cover all that. Surely he wouldnít put that burden on the American taxpayers that voted for him or their children, would he?


Talk about big government. Our government is now in the automotive business, the banking business, the health care business, besides being embedded in about a jillion other aspects of our meager lives. Have any of you reading this commentary ever asked yourself why? Why is Obama so hell bent on taking over everything he can? What does he want to achieve for his troubles?


Where is the accountability for the Obama administrationís shenanigans? There is none. Heís not responsible to anyone. Heís certainly not responsible to the American populace, not even to those who blew it big time by casting their vote for him. Obama is King of America and there is nothing that can be done to him by his subjects. You think he can be impeached? Not with Congress behind him. He controls both houses and that means he controls America. Heís the commander in chief which means he controls the US military which is the most powerful fighting force on earth. To those of you who think Obama is a weakling and naÔve, heís also the most powerful man on the face of this round orb and with the supernatural satanic and maniacal entities pulling his strings, well folks America is in big trouble. Godís judgment? Possibly.


ďRon, youíre not telling us anything we donít already know. Weíve heard all this before; itís old news to us. So what are you getting at?Ē Just this, now pay attention. In the book of Jonah we read about the city of Nineveh, a Gentile city, and the final chance they were given by God to straighten up. God sent the Gentiles at Nineveh a warning by the mouth of Jonah. ďAnd Jonah began to enter into the city..., and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.Ē Jonah 3:4. America has been warned for years now, weíve had our Jonahís warning. 


Who sits in the highest office of this land doing everything he can to destroy our way of life? Thatís correct, Barack Hussein Obama, who, in my view is a Muslim. We must believe that God puts those of His choosing in positions of power, and for what reasons we donít always know. Itís Godís plan and He doesnít always let us in on the details but He does expect us to see the writing on the wall so to speak. To me itís plain as day.


Many of you have emailed me asking why God doesnít judge America. Then in the next sentence you complain about Obama being made president and seemingly destroying our way of life, our freedoms. So I write more commentaries with my thoughts on Godís word and how it may pertain to us here in America today.


I believe Obama is here in the capacity of President of the United States of America for one reason and one reason only. Heís here to deliver a form of judgment from God. Oh boy, please, donít start writing me yet. Finish reading, then if you think Iím nuts go ahead and hit me with everything youíve got.


This nation was an experiment; God used the United States of America to be a beacon of light, one of hope to the rest of the world. America sent out missionary teams by the thousands all across the globe. For what? To preach the gospel of Christ to all nations. This we did for years. As a nation we had our ups and downs but for the most part we thrived because of Godís awesome blessings.


Well guess what America sends out across the globe now? Pornography. Thatís right, thatís our big export now. Do you actually think God is pleased with the way we spread ďfilthĒ to the rest of the world? Not hardly. America has turned its collective backs on God. God will not be mocked. America was His experiment as a shining light on a hill to a dark and depraved world. Obama is here for a reason.


God is not pleased with America and in a short while weíll be toast if we donít turn from our evil ways and repent. If Obama is actually Godís plan for our destruction or downfall, whichever comes first, He may have included a little more time for us to realize the consequences of our past actions. Maybe, but donít count on it.


Many of my brethren are expecting judgment to come, but judgment is here. ďWait a minute Ron, we thought Godís judgment would come in the form of a storm or pestilence or an earthquake. You know Ron, something we can get the government to take care of for usĒ


God sent us a man seemingly bent on evil which is exactly what we deserved. Now we must turn back to God or the punishment will only get worse. We must stop relying on the government for all our needs and turn once again to the creator of the Universe. God deserves our respect and our devotion, not our distain. He will not be ignored.


Nineveh had 40 days until they were to be totally destroyed. But God stayed His mighty hand. Why? Because from the king down to the least of the Ninevites all repented of their sins, all their evil ways, and God spared them. Now this action on Godís part infuriated Jonah. He was at his wits end because he wanted Nineveh to be obliterated.


Obama wonít be happy either unless his agenda is met, fully and without delay. But Americaís judgment is not up to Obama itís up to God and it depends on the American people whether or not they will recognize what their God is doing to get their attention. With Obama continuing in office I see the judgment becoming worse not lessening.


We as believers should never stop praying for God to continue to bless us and to lift His judgment from our land. As His children He expects to hear from each and every one of us on this subject. We need to pray for our nation and for our leaders because God expects it; to not do so would be the same as giving up, throwing up our hand in defeat.


America was once a God-fearing nation, but that fear (respect) has been replaced by apathy. The judgment that God has sent is not pleasant as most of us have noticed by now. The judgment may remain for quite a while, and even get worse. Unlike the Ninevites, America may choose to just say ďOh well Obama will figure it all out, after all thatís why we elected him presidentĒ. But Obama isnít looking for repentance from the people of America, heís looking for adoration, a following if you will, right down that path to destruction.


Ignore God and His timely judgment at your own peril. Perhaps America will go the way of the dodo bird. The balls in your court America, whatíll it be folks?


God bless you all,



Ron Graham

All scripture is from the KJV