The Study of Bible Prophecy, The Rapture of the Church, and Current Events


The Hot Zone
The latest news items relating to Bible prophecy (updated May 30)
The Current Rapture Index
An index which tracks some 45 leading indicators (updated May 27)
Outlook and Trends
Prophetic trends that are developing in the world (updated May 22)
The Top Ten Prophetic Issues
A ranking of the ten most important current events (updated May 21)
Satan's Little Helpers
How the liberal media bring to pass the devil's will
Guest Writer
A page set-aside for readers to voice their ideas on Bible prophecy.
The likelihood that the unlike will likely occur.
The Date(s) for Jesus Christ's Return
The king of all date setting Web pages
Looking for the Antichrist
One list every world leader should avoid making
The Pre-tribulation Rapture
Why I believe the rapture will take place just before the tribulation
The International Prophecy Conference in Tampa, FL
Observations made about the conference and the peakers
The Dead Frog Report
How we as a society have gotten into hot water
The Categories Defined
Why the 45 categories, in the rapture index, were chosen
The Secret Rapture Movement
Will people take notice when the Christians just vanish
Prophecy from the Past
The signs of the times have changed a great deal over the years
Are You Ready for the Rapture?
Understanding and being prepared are two different things
My Theories about Conspiracy Theories
Focusing in on the silly and ignoring the serious
Links to Other Prophecy and Christian Web Pages
Topics that may not be covered here

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