The rapture is going to strike without warning. The rapture is going to happen suddenly.
The rapture is going to be one of the most astonishing events to ever occur.
Are you rapture ready?

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Nearing Midnight My weekly commentary (updated Feb 1)

The Rapture Index Gauging the end times (updated Feb 1)

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The Y2K Hoax: Myth or Mayhem

The Pretribulation Rapture

Oops, I Guess I Wasn't Rapture Ready! The Judgments of the Tribulation
The Wolf Wolf Factor
Turning false predictions into true warnings.
Eternal Security: A License To Sin Millennium Fever
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Instantaneous Nullification
It shall all pass away
The Post Rapture Survival Guide
What to do if you miss the rapture
Seven Major Approaches to Prophecy

The Number of the Beast
The meaning of the number 666
The Best Type of Book Are You Ready for the Rapture?

Defending The Pre-trib Rapture
Replies to some of the ongoing attacks
The Dates Setters Diary
Failed rapture and end-time predictions
The Rapture Cover-up
The omission of the pretribulation rapture
What Secret Rapture?
Will the unbelievers take notice?
The Thomas Ice Collection
The pre-trib heavy artillery
Margaret MacDonald Who?
The pre-trib rapture orgininator?
The Ray Brubaker Files
Founder of God News Behind the News
The Kent Crockett Compilation
The Pastor of Cornerstone Church

The Antichrist; have you seen this man?
A list every world leader should avoid making
Satan's Little Helpers
The liberal media who else could it be.
My Theories about Conspiracy Theories
My witness (Deut. 19:15)
Christians & Conspiracy Theories
Yet another witness (Deut. 19:15)

The 1998 International Prophecy Conference

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Rapture Ready Scripture References 53 categories of readiness
Who is this Joker? Meet the joker
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