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"To Him give all the prophets witness, that through His name whosoever believeth in Him shall receive remission of sins."

(Act 10:43)

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"You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy."

- Garth Brooks

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"Everything that can be invented has been invented."

- Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, U.S. Office of Patents, 1899.

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Rapture Ready News Events related to prophecy (Daily)
Nearing Midnight In depth weekly commentary (Dec 26)
The Rapture Index A Gauge of the prophetic (Dec 26)
Interesting E-mail Both the pro and the con (Dec 19)
Prophetic Top Ten The top ranked news items (Dec 19)
Rapture Ready Bulletin Board A place to fellowship
The Best Of The Christian Classics Leaders from all ages
Who's Who Of Prophecy Noteworthy people in prophecy
Hal Lindsey Oracle Cartoons Designed by John Rule
The Soapbox Articles submitted by readers
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The Newest Articles

What? Me Worry? Our focus on the end-times
So You Want To Go To Heaven? A reality check
God's Yes Men Faith is not about patronization
Jesus, Our True Savior The real meaning of Christmas
The Pre-Trib Study Group 2005 The Photos
"Can I Get A Witness?" Sharing our faith with others
We, The Jury The Reality of the resurrection
The Resume' of Jesus Christ Humorous but yet true

The Pretribulation Rapture

My Fascination With The Pre-Trib Rapture Stay focused
The Pretribulation Rapture The reason of this web site
Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture Replies to the attacks
The Dates Setters Diary Failed end-time predictions
Imminency The heart of pretribulationism
What Secret Rapture? Will the unbelievers take notice?
Margaret MacDonald Who? The pre-trib rapture originator?
Preterism! I Can't Believe It Refuting the 70 AD claims
In Case Of Rapture The post-rapture propagation of RR
The Think-Not Generation Apathy as a sign of the end
The Last Generation Are we the last generation?
Jesus Prophesied the Rapture The Olivet Discourse
The Armageddon Clock What time is it?

Four-Year Forecast A biblical forecast of world events

The Tribulation Hour

European Union In Prophecy Europe in prophecy
Iraq in Prophecy Why Iraq is a key end time player
The Campaign Of Armageddon A study of this event
Tribulation Saint Wannabes Sober words to think about

Information For Those Left Behind

The Left Behind Letters Letters to the tribulation saints
Oops, I Guess I Wasn't Ready! If you missed the rapture
The Post Rapture Survival Guide A plan for the left behind
Second Chance for Salvation There is still hope
Memorandum A note from those who have vanished

Understanding Bible Based Truth

Lazy People The sin of doing nothing
The Disintegration Process The temporal nature of life
Your Final Final Final Warning This time we're serious
Understanding Truth How to go about finding truth
More Bad News For Our Critics The truth hurts
Seven Major Approaches to Prophecy Key interpretations
Nothing New Under The Sun How to stay out of trouble
Too Optimistic people can become prisoners of optimism
God's Billionaires Where do you store your treasure?
Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousism Just keep it simple
The Wolf Wolf Factor False predictions and true warnings
Instantaneous Nullification It shall all pass away
Prophecy From The Past Prophecy from 1800's
The Dead Frog Report How society got into hot water
Contrarianism The likelihood of the unlikely occurring
Scary Scary Stuff There's a good reason to be scared
Money: The Heart of the Matter A search for true wealth
Donuts in Heaven Setting your end-time priorities
Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid Strange brews and doctrines
Everybody Loves A Hypocrite People we love to hate
The Bird Cage The need for moral canaries

Salvation Issues

Are You Rapture Ready? The most important decision
Eternal Security Debate Faith demands responsibility
Walking On Water Difficulties and obstacles to overcome
The Mysterious Jesus How people can find Him
Testimonies How some folks came to know Jesus

Keeping Track Of God's Adversaries

Apologetics Defending the Faith
The Number Of The Beast The meaning of 666
The Antichrist; Have You Seen This Man? Popular names
Heresy Hunters Be Gone Someday we will be gone
Satan's Little HelpersThe Media: who else could it be
I'm A Better Christian than You The sanctified crowd
The Teachings of Islam Quotes taken from Islamic writings
My Theories About Conspiracy Theories Deut. 19:15
Myths and Facts about Israel Sorting truth from fiction

Featured End Time Writers

John Funk A gifted writer on many end-time subjects
Lynette Schaefer An avid student of Scripture
Jan Markell Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
Daymond Duck   Selected sermons by Pastor Duck
Randall Price An expert on Israel and biblical archaeology
David Reagan Plainspoken prophetic commentary
Joseph Chambers The classical Pentecostal preacher
The Thomas Ice Collection The pre-trib heavy Artillery
The Ray Brubaker Files God News Behind the News
The Kent Crockett Compilation Cornerstone Church
The Terry James Gang Selections from various authors
Tom Steward The creator of: What Saith The Scripture
Dave Hunt One of America's leading Bible apologists
Betty Lynn Author and research editor of several projects

Other Languages

Spanish - Espanol A Spanish translation of key articles
French - Français A French translation of key articles
German - Deutsch A German translation of key articles
Japanese Articles Several key pages in Japanese

General Topics

The King James Bible The king of Bible translations
Would Jesus Vote Republican? Politics and moral issues
Drug Remedies For Spiritual Problems Wishful cures
End Time Ailments And Conditions Prophetic Illnesses
This Old Planet The debate over the earth’s age
Evolutionism vs. Creationism Faith is a better option
King James Onlyism The Bible translation controversy
Humor Break Life is not all gloom and doom
It's The End Of The World As We Know It I'm not worried
Rapture Ready Scripture References 53 ways to be ready
Who Is This Joker? A little bit about myself
Totter Topple Tumble Tilt A submission page for errors
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Crowing the triumph of truth
The Link Page Links to well-known prophecy web sites

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Todd Strandberg – Fearless leader and founder of RR todd1@raptureready.com 

Terry James – The "general" editor and cat lover. As a gifted speaker, Terry does most of the site's media interviews.

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