Joseph Chambers, the head of Paw Creek Ministries, is proud to describe himself as being a "classical Pentecostal preacher." Dr. Chambers pastors a church in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he operates a two-hour radio program called "Open Bible Dialogue." In his commentary, he covers a wide range of topics, but one of his specialties is exposing false teachings in the Body of Christ. Joseph has produced several videotapes that expose the errors of the Word of Faith movement. He has also written more than 185 booklets that can be purchased from his ministry. His website can be found at:


Angels Overshadowing Jerusalem
Antichrist: A "Jesus Only" Manifestation
Church Without The Holy Spirit
The Confused World Of Paul And Jan Crouch

Eternal Security In Obedience

Jerusalem Shall be Trodden Down, Until!

Jerusalem, the Promised Land
Left Behind: Can You Still Be Saved?
Lying Wonders

The Ark Is About To Sail!

Saved After the Rapture; But, Oh, the Cost!

Tattoos & Body Mutilation
The Great Battle For The Rapture
True Biblical Holiness
Except Your Righteousness Exceed
Catholic Attack of the Rapture
The "Born Again" Jesus Deception
Hell is Rehearsing for Armageddon

Unclean Children Troubled By Evil Spirits
Defeating Satan On His Own Turf

"Out of the Ivory Palaces"

The Unholy Trinity
Two Sisters and One Dead Brother

Heavenly Jerusalem

Dominion Theology and Joel's Army

Todd Bentley & His God From the Zoo

In the Name of Jesus

The Culmination of the False Charismatic Revival

Do Muslims Believe Obama is "Islamic Messiah?"

Israel's Enemies Decimated
When The Restrainer Is Gone 

The Faithful Father

The Ark of the Covenant

The War of Gog and Magog

What's In Your Blood?

The White Horse and Rider
Saints Crowning Jesus Christ King of Kings

The Rapture: The Triumph of Patience

The Islamic Heaven:  A Pornographic Brothel

America Is Not Babylon

The World’s Response to the Rapture 
When Israel Sees Jesus

Satan: His Last Hoorah!

The Triumph of Your Cross

Warfare Praying

Jerusalem: God's Chosen City!!

666: "Born Again" To Satan  
Our Earthen Vessel & God's Holy Spirit

Chilling Sounds After the Rapture
Countdown to Jerusalem
He Is Risen 
Hell Hath Enlarged Herself 
Islamic Radicals & God's Solution  
Islamic Religion - Utterly Destroyed
Holy, Holy, Holy
When Preaching Does No Good  
Breaking the Curse of Wickedness
Powers In a Silver Tongue
Our Biblical Godhead
Iraq: The Rebirth of Babylon
The Rapture: Satan's Final Defeat
Mystery Babylon: Anti-Israel at the Highest Level

War in Heaven, Satan Cast Out
Deliverance From Strongholds
Signs in the Sun and Moon; 2010
When He Found Me!
The Underworld Is Trembling
Jesus Christ: Born Out of Eternity
Oprah Winfrey: Billionaire Blasphemer
The Great Homecoming Celebration
Horrors of Hell
Dark Depths of an Undisciplined Life
The Tragic Death of Voltaire the Atheist  
The Artistry of the Holy Ghost
The Best Wine At the End
The Copper Scroll: Temple Treasures
The Marvelous New Heaven
Engraved Upon His Palms
The Marriage Supper Of "The Lamb"
Blasphemy: the Final Scourge of Satan
Beware, The War Is On!
My Sheep Know My Voice
Lying Wonders – Satan’s Imitation of the Real
Allah Is Not Jehovah God
The Seventh Day: Our Cycle of Rest
Obama’s Healthcare Microchip: The “Mark?”
The Battle in Religious Music
The Whore & Her Children
The “Watered Garden” of Our Lord
The Great White Throne
The “Great Whore” is Here!
Getting Excited About the Millennium
When The Old Man Is Dead
Why Jesus Heals the Sick
God’s Firestorm Will Burn the Islamic Koran
A Marriage From Hell
Satan is Busy Buying Souls
Our God is Addicted to Our Love
The Casting Out of Unclean Spirits
The Fiery Furnace Epiphany J
Taking the Earth Back From Satan
Yielding Ourselves to His Spirit
When God Sets Jerusalem Free
The Call to “Come Up Hither!”
A City Too Priceless To Value
Jesus Christ: Riding His White Stallion

The Spiritual War of Imagination
The Battle of Armageddon
The World is Escalating to Apocalyptic Times
Birds Falling, Fish Dying, and Earthquakes
SODOMY: The Nature of Antichrist
“Free Grace,” The Devil’s Joke

The Copper Scroll:
The Coming Nuclear Meltdown
God’s Throne, Set Above the Earth
The Great Apostasy: Lost Forever
Satan Is Practicing for Armageddon
The Soul That Longeth After God
Satan Wants Us To Laugh About Hell..
When The Lord Jesus “Shouts”
Satan Loves A False Alarm
God is Stirring “Israel’s Nest”
The Holy Bible Is Infallible
The Whole Bible in One Book
The New Effeminate “Jesus” J
Benny Hinn: A Catholic Mystic
Bodily Healing in the Blood Atonement
Hell Is Constantly Enlarging Itself
Satan’s Eviction From The Earth!
When We See Jesus in Midair
Cherubims are Riding Their Chariots
And The World Passeth Away
Left Behind: Can You Still Be Saved?
The Rapture Before The Great Tribulation
The Rapture And Then,”All Hell On Earth"
“MULTITUDES” Turned Away...
A “Lying Wonder” that deceives The Whole World
Rick Joyner Traveling In The Heavenlies  
The Miracle Of Multiplication  
Lying Wonders: “Antichrist Is Waiting..  
Seven Lamps Of Fire Burning
John..Saw The Rapture Like A Drama  
John.. Saw The Saints At The Marriage Supper
B.C. Dating: “Before Conception”  
Israel's Mastery Of The Middle East  
DAVID: “1000 Years before the MANGER!”  
The Shekinah Glory Of Jesus ChristThe Nature Of The Antichrist 
The City Of Celestial Bliss 
Repentant Sinners Dying Like Flies  
John The Revelator Saw The Title Deed..  
Jesus Christ Crowned King Of Kings 
Rick Warren, Chrislam & Yale Covenant 
The Beastly, “Assyrian Antichrist” 
John Saw The Weather Gone Berserk 
John The Revelator Saw 144,000 Jews... 
The Feminization Of The Church