David Reagan stands among that rare breed of individuals that are well-known for being a dependably source of reliable information. He has written six books: Trusting God, The Christ in Prophecy Study Guide, The Master Plan, Living for Christ in the End Times, Jesus is Coming Soon! (a book for children), and Wrath & Glory: The Meaning of Revelation. David heads a organization called The Lamb and Lion Ministries. After many years of radio broadcasts, the Lamb and Lion team has started broadcasting a television program over the DayStar Television Network. His web address is http://www.lamblion.com

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1 The Gentiles in Prophecy
2 The Arabs in Prophecy
3 The Church in Prophecy
4 The Meaning of Heaven
5 The Nature of Hell
6 Matthew 24
7 The Wrath of God
8 Resurrections and Judgments
9 The Earth in Prophecy
10 The United States in Bible Prophecy
11 Two Important Questions Concerning End Time Prophecy
12 Zechariah 14
13 The Ark of the Covenant
14 The Resurrection of Jesus in Prophecy
15 The Importance of Bible Prophecy
16 The Abuse of Prophecy
17 The Interpretation of Prophecy
18 The Biblical Evidence that Jesus is Returning to Earth to Reign
19 Why All Christians Should Desire the Soon Return of Jesus
20 The Rapture of the Church
21 The Folly of Date Setting
22 Living with an Eternal Perspective
23 What Happens When You Die?
24 Recommended Books on Bible Prophecy
25 The Nature of the Lord's Return
26 What is Your Christian Hope?
27 The Gate to Prophecy
28 The Resurrection in Prophecy
29 The Holy Spirit in the End Times
30 Types of Prophecy and Prophecy in Type
31 Daniel's 70 Weeks Of Years
32 The Certainty of the Lord's Return
33 The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist
34 The Return of the Messiah
35 Living for Christ in the End Times
36 An Overview of the Signs of the Times
37 Modern Day Signs of the Times
38 Recognizing Signs of the Times
39 The Acceleration of Life
40 Apostasy In The Church
41 The One World Religion
42 Worship in Prophecy
43 Europe In Bible Prophecy
44 The How to Recognize a False Prophet 
45 The Nobel Farce 

Homosexuality as an End Times Sign