This page was created to allow you folks an opportunity to read the same thought provoking information I receive everyday. Because whether or not an e-mail is from someone that agrees with me or disagrees, I will post their comments. The only e-mails I won't add to this web page are ones that use profanity or are way too long. 


July 30

Wow, after reading about the horiffic shooting in the theater in Colorado, I immediately remembered what Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A’s, said recently .about our nation. He said “ We are inviting God’s judgement on our nation because of our views on marriage, how can we, as a nation, shake our fist at God and tell Him what is supposed to define marriage,” Obama recently indorsed Gay marriage, etc. Wow, I was just amazed how fast this shooting occurred AFTER Mr. Cathy had said this. I have been a Christian for 38 yrs. I am truly seeing how fast Gods’ judgement is coming upon us I pray people will open their eyes and turn to the Lord!
Thank you guys for the encouragement and for keeping us up to date looking for the inevitable event to be called up to meet the Lord in the air. Love you guys keep it up!
Concerning your current “Nearing Midnight” commentary, I have gotten two books that support what you have said there concerning the graft of big banks and government. The names of these books are “The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.” and “A World Without Cancer” both by G. Edward Griffin. They make interesting reading about leaders of big industry and big banking and their efforts to monopolize the world under their control. God bless.
I have been a fan of your site for quite a few years or at least since I have been led to search the scriptures on prophecy. Your site is a great resource and I direct folks to it all the time. I have been led to write a piece and will respect your insight as to if it is worthy of posting. Keep up the great work.
If you think that you are going to be raptured out your living in a dreamworld "thy will be done on earth" then thy kingdom come" you ain't going anywhere execpt in the ground there isn't going to be no rapture, also if there is a rapture he's not coming back for a murdering meat eating so-called church EPH 5:27 GOD HATES THE SIN OF MEAT AND DAIRY GENESIS1:29 IS GOING TO BE OBEYED I CAN ASSURE GO-VEGAN JESUS NEVER ATE MEAT OR FISH THEY TOOK THE WORD WEED OUT IT SHOULD READ "FISHWEED" A DRIED HERB AFTER HIS RESURECTION HE SAID HAVE YOU ANYTHING TO EAT, FRUITS, HE SAID TO PETER I'LL MAKE YOU FISHERS OF MEN PETER GAVE UP HIS JOB AND ALSO FOLLOWED THE VEGAN JESUS!
Outrage does not heal or change or fix or transcend or forgive, Todd. Only love has that power, and all love comes from God. Outrage is spawned from fear, "fearless" one. Stand long enough in the strength and conviction of love -- loving even your enemies -- then witness in awe the miraculous shifts. Blessings to you,
Hello Todd,
I really appreciate your website, thank you for what you do. My brother lives in Milwaukee, WI. He tells me that everywhere he goes he sees people stealing. He was waiting for someone to come and check him out at a store, a man came running in, jumped over the counter and grabbed cigarettes and ran back out. These people, blacks and hispanics eat whatever they want in a grocery store and drop the packeging wherever. He was going to buy a box of snack cakes, but noticed the box was half empty. It's so blatant. A lady was ready to "kill" him because she thought he skipped in line. We have to be near the end.
Dear Terry,
 I have been a Bible student for a long time and at one time I believed in the pre-trib rapture just like most Christains today do, blindly accepting something that just isnt in the Bible. I belong to a "spirit filled" denomination that accepts that christains will be spared the 7 years of tribulation just because we are Gods children, In 1st Corinthians 15:52 the Bible says that when he does come it will be at the last trump,the key to the verse is "the last trump". Think of all the millions of Christains who have been tortured,slain,fed to lions, and killed by the millions just because they would'nt give up their faith.I think its fair to assume that God would require us to go thru something at the very least. My personal belief is America is the great Spiritual Babylon in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelations,and God almighty advises his people to flee lest we be partakers of her distruction. God bless you and I hope you flee that terrible belief.
 So who is the winner of todays Anti-Christ Accusation? Saw the photos and you didnt have George Bush among the contestants. Why are you people afraid of the truth? None of you brilliant Bible Scholars have the manhood to debate me? You point the finger and then ignore the truth. Dont you have any actual men on your staff? No people that actually read the Bible?

Im laughing at you cowards. God isnt on your side in case you havent noticed why? Because you refuse to live by the TRUTH...and Christ defines the word TRUTH,therefore your father is Satan.

Here is a brilliant question,a test for your so called Christianity...and if you loud mouthed punks can actually back up your answer I will submit...was Christ a LIBERAL and if he wasnt...why did the Right-Wing Pharasees murder Him? You people talk a lot and study nothing,you are not Christians and Rapture Ready you are not...Christ doesnt want LIARS.

The Right-Wing Pharasees conspired to murder the Son of God...that means you and your idiot kind...murdered my God and for that Christ has cursed you...want proof Right-Wingers?

How does it feel to find out that you serve Satan?

(As the King of all life and the very first creation God Himself ever thought to create...the Lord Jesus Christ looking down from His Judgement seat,FACING the judged He says...(Listen how Jesus describes the Right-Wing perfectly.Please tell me that Jesus is wrong.)

Then I will turn to those on my left (meaning the right-wing) and say, "Away with you, you cursed ones,into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons. For I was hungry and you wouldn't feed me; thirsty, and you wouldn't give me anything to drink; a stranger, and you refused me hospitality; naked, and you wouldn't clothe me; sick, and in prison, and you didn't visit me."

Then they will reply, "Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?"

And I will answer, "When you refused to help the least of these my brothers, you were refusing help to me." And they shall go away into eternal punishment; but the righteous into everlasting life." You was the Right-Wing Pharasees...not the Left-Wing Saducees of the Temple that Conspired to MURDER the Son Of GOD...its all right there in the Bible. Be proud of the Faction that you are a part of Right-Wingers...Your kind MURDERED JESUS. Turns out that Christ is a LIBERAL afterall.

You people are not qualified to debate me because the truth is not in you...and GW BUSH caused 911...with your faggot support. Im a Vet...get in my face cowards.

May 14

HI, Good job! Keep up the good work. I have learned a lot from your website. Truth hurts sometimes but people need to hear it. I will encourage people to go and study your articles.
Dear Todd,
Thank you for all the work you do to keep us all informed about what is going on in this old pitiful world we live in. I started reading info on this site maybe two years ago or less and have very much appreciated your efforts. Between you and Prophecy in the news I am finally beginning to get the bigger picture put together and having questions I have had for decades answered. I also spent time in the USAF, four years to be exact, and know that our country is very different than any other.The progressives have no idea the mess they are pushing us into! Just wanted to let you know I am out here. Many,many blessings. Your sister in Jesus, Cheryl Huskins
Just wanted to tell you I've recently been blessed to come upon your site. God bless you in all your works. Keep it up
FEARLESS LEADER ohhh you are sooooooo disgusting, LIAR!!!!

You jerks, you guys make me sick, I write and complain telling you guys will do anything for money and you go beyond what I could even dream off, not only, are you a worthless leader FULL of FEAR ... you, too afraid to speak up against The MOST WICKED President the USA has EVER had , now I go out to your website and I get a STOP Rick Santorum advertisement! Last week it was mocking Mitt Romney now a STOP Rick Santorum ad. I believe Jesus will give you a slap in your face, you people would have probally helped Hitler round up Jews, by your pathetic, do anything for money, DO NOTHING, your silence about this WICKED Obama, mocking republican candidates, is so disgusting and so dispicable, you make me sick! Your Stop Santorum ad complains abouit Santorum with the following statement, "seperation of church and state.. ... makes him “want to throw up” and likened homosexuality to bestiality"..... so you obviously are taking money for this so by doing so you support homosexuality, obviously... because your ads are against Santorum and Romney. May you guys grow a spine or else hopefully Jesus will punish you COWARDS!!!!!
Hello fellas,
 Just wanted to drop a note in appreciation of the Rapture Ready site to say Thanks for all the good solid reading the past couple of years..I hadn't really thought of the operation costs you have until tonight so I decided to donate some money..When we run out of news to read for the day I can always turn to the RR forum and read up on what other God fearing folks are thinking..Awesome site Fellas..Thanks you !
Dear Todd & Terry,
While I had been reading your commentaries this evening my heart began to sink. I received a phone call from a dear friend (a brother in Christ), and we began to talk about the points both of you made in your commentaries. One of which was to watch... watching, watchfulness, watchmen & watchwomen. You lifted our hearts. We both have been strengthened through the Holy Spirit, and by your convictions to continue the 'Great Commission'!! I always amazes me how God talks to us through others. Sometimes it seems like the battle is lost. However, God does "allow" the things that are transpiring to happen. And, we know that as we approach the time of the rapture and tribulation that God does have everything in hand. We (as you both do) must continue to "fight the good fight", and put on 'the full armor of God' so that we may stand strong in battle. Through His Word (our sword) we may continue to be a reflection of the light... that is the hope, which is found through our Lord Jesus Christ. I just want to thank you both so much for your faithfulness!! Thank you for continuing to "walk by faith, and not by sight"!! We do deeply appreciate your ministry. May Jesus richly bless you and your families... have a Great Day!!
Hello, I have been a loyal reader of RR for several years. Love the site. Thank you for doing a great job.
Dear Todd,
As I read this post, I was nodding as I began to connect Hotel California with the church of Satan, aka Anton Lavay…but I began to be horrified as I read your historic information with which I can completely concur, because I am reading TheRise and Fall of the Third Reich. I can see the vice grip beginning to tighten, as well. However, your comments about the United States being in the cross hairs because we have ‘so many Jews’, made my blood run cold; not because I worry about being a target ‘because’ of them, but because this is exactly the image which was running through the German people’s minds, through programmed propaganda, which made them culpable for the demise of 6 million Jews. I felt as I read that paragraph, I thought your column and your words could be strongly interpreted as anti-semitic. The emerging church/ aka evangellyfish already is moving in this direction coupled with the mainline liberal churches, to choose the Palestinians over the Jews in Israel…this could add to the fire already beginning to spread, because those so called Christians, who are using America as a means to build a kingdom for God here on earth, will do anything to promote this, and in so doing, will open the doors for huge anti-semitic rhetoric here in the States which is now, very strong. In relation to your wanting to ‘jump ship’…brother, we are all in the same boat as Jonah, and no matter where we try to run from God’s plan as written in His Word, we will always end up the same way; going down..down into the ship..down into the hold…down into the sea…down into the belly of the whale, until we finally submit without fear to our Lord’s coming, His Plan of salvation and His plan of freedom for all who call upon His Name. We will be raptured, but not because God is worried about our physical safety; we will be raptured to remove the power of The HolySpirit from this planet, and open the gates for the Anti-Christ. I dearly love your freedom of expression, and often am challenged in thought by your observations to us..but I felt I needed to respond to what this engendered in me. Some times prophesy seems as though it is a way to ‘save ourselves’ from whatever…to me, an ordained pastor, it is truly God’s Word in action, past-present-and future, and another way for those who do not believe, to see how completely trustworthy His word is. In His Strong Grip of Grace, Raptor
The Bible was written way after Jesus existed... Hmmmm I wonder if some of that stuff is made up. People tend to make things up just to get attention and to see if stupid people will believe them. That's the case with the bible. If you need proof just ask, but I bet you're too absorbed in your thoughts that your not willing to view reality. You are just another person passing down lies and can you please stop, it is completely ruining society. Being at a higher state of mind, it has been realized that Religion is the pure evil that has been destroying this Earth. All is one, and we all need to work like one and continue to worship ourselves as a whole. Thank you.
Are you really serious??
I've never herd such pathetic nonsense as this. You take a book of fiction and believe it. I had a long list proving everything you stand for as bordering on a cult but I'm getting so uninterested because you would be able to have a meaningful rep ore so I've given up. No wonder you want donations as a great deal of Americans believe anything, The Great Disappointment comes to mind.

Feb 16

Dear Todd: As a fellow believer in Christ Jesus and trusting in his work ‘alone’ for my salvation…I wanted to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you for your Rapture Ready (RR) website. I’m fairly new to RR but have consumed a great deal of the writings you have posted. It seems clearer to me everyday that His return is at the door. I look forward to seeing you on the other side. In His precious name…. Best Regards,
You guys worship a god who you think is going to brutally torment anyone different than you and in general you seem pretty okay with. It is perfectly rational to be offended by that. I'm sure you plan on giving me the "tough but truthful" routine, but that only works if you are actually tough and truthful. There aren't any serious arguments on your site. Every article just asserts your beliefs and then the author pats themselves on the back and proclaims themselves as a "Christ Warrior". You people constantly whine about how "mean" unbelievers are to you just because they get offended by your hateful crap. The forum you link to forbids any criticism. You are just sad and pathetic individuals who have sealed yourselves off in a little fantasy world where you do nothing but tell each other what you want to hear.
For the most part I think Rapture Ready is a wonderful site. It has much more information then and other site and free will gives us the right to our own opinions. It amazes me how many Bible prophecy teachers and students do not want to touch the subject of the judgement of America. It is like we are sacred and God would never punish us. I think to the phrase a nation terrible from its beginning and that God would bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. After the Rapture and the Church is removed, what you have left in America is the most immoral country in the world. So much so that it would make Sodom and Gomorrah look moral. The violence in America will magnify after the Rapture to make the days of Noah look tame. How about Magog. Russia is a country with a majority of the population being communist atheists. When God sends a fire on Magog do you think the people are going to say, God did judge us? No! So who are they going to blame? America of course and they are going to launch their nukes at us and we will launch ours at them. I do believe when you say the Rapture will be catalyst for the economic collapse of America but that will not be the only judgement against the nation, terrible from it beginnings.
Todd, I was an Eagles fan way back when Hotel California came out, I liked/was creeped out by the title track. Something for the rumor mill, My best friend had moved op from the L.A. Area in 1979 and claimed he bought the album where Anton LaVey himself appeared in a photo somewhere in one of the hotel photos. It was alleged to have been on the front cover of the album, and that it was pulled and re-shot without him. That may have been an urban legend as my friend never showed me the album. Liked,as always, this weeks post.
Todd, Thank you so much for your complication of information. I am in school working on my doctorate and I don't have a lot of time to gather everything together, but you did that for me! God bless you in your efforts!
You are delusional. God is a concept of survival. "God" or whatever you want to call that aspect of ourselves that we attribute to the spiritual realm is only a mechanism within the human brain that allows us to seek order within chaos. Don't you get it? The bible is a metaphor - not to be taken literally - a map of the psyche - highlighting the paths to enlightenment. The path to enlightenment is not reached through observance of dogma (which most religions proscribe in one form or the other in order to control and manipulate people so that their "status quo" remains unperturbed), salvation and rebirth can only be reached through a true understanding of our human existence i.e. suffering and pain ( hence the whole Jesus trip) and the clarity of understanding gained through our acceptance of our unique relationship with the universe. Seek within your own heart - not in one book but in many books . I think you lot are barking up the wrong tree. As my mother used to say "Jesus could have been a spaceman" a good precept to start with - get real people- are you so lost that you have to resort to blindly following and leaving yourselves wide open to manipulation? "God " is within you - not some external entity and heaven is here on earth (if you only could see it) in your head and in the outer reality not somewhere in the clouds. Stop listening to other people - listen to your own heart not the narrow concepts of others and the charlatan(devil) will cease to have sway - you will see through deceit remember "God" is within you - stop taking things so literally . Give yourself time and space and know that no matter what, you are a child of this universe and you have every right to be here as does every other creature on this planet and beyond.
Todd, thank you for putting up this wonderful site for people to post some great articles. I validate my own opinions by reading some of these articles. Please forward this to Donna Wassom.

Dear Donna, Thanks for the article on Christian Wimps. I"m sure you got a lot of negative reply from the gay community. I think they read your words from the wrong view point. They read it as if you are some hateful biggot who is condemning them to eternal damnation. I read Christian Wimps from the view point that, you know this woman has just enlightnend the homosexual community to the fact, that reality(God's Word) states that unforgiven homosexuals, fornicators,idolaters,sodomites, and five other behaviors, are going to be excluded from God's kingdom. 1Cor.6:9-10. I am a heterosexual sinner myself, and when I read that verse it hit me in the head like a rock. I had to pull over on the side of the road and pray for forgiveness of my sins on the way home from church.(1986) It completely changed my life. I know Jesus, and follow him. I got new friends, and new places to congregate. I then(1986) started reading the new testament. I saw two things. I saw the truth about Jesus Christ, that I had never seen as a kid growing up in Baptist Sunday school, and the mistakes I was making in my life.Reading the bible was like,"Man I'm sure glad I found this. Now I don't have to keep making the same mistakes in life, and I'm not excluded from God's kingdom." Try reading you article thinking that a National Public Radio guy is speaking the words calmly into the microphone. What a gift to know that there is a way to be accepted into God's kingdom. I would be looking for more Donna W. articles. I live in Arlington, Texas, 40 miles from Dallas. When Pastor Jeffers, over at First Baptist Dallas, preached about homosexuality being a sin, the gay community showed up to protest. I listened to the sermon on the radio, coming home from church. I sent him a letter supporting his stand for the truth, regardless of who protest.

you guys are cowards you print and take advertising money by mocking Mitt Romney cowards no that was wrong, that is a complement to you people I should say asinine, blundering, bovine, churlish, doltish OBTUSE, I should use a curse word. I wont lower my self to your level. The current president maybe the most evil thing to reside in the white house ever, do have any characterchures of obama, of course not you guys are cowards, how about mocking another faith such as the muslim faith of course not your cowards, but then again if someone offered rapture ready MONEY then you would consider it. you guys are disgusting for mocking Mitt Romney who will be the next president, Mitt Romney is a more moral person then you ever will be, he has accomplished more than you could ever hope, you guys think you doing something for Jesus ....oh ya give me a many homeless do you many prisoners has rapture ready ever helped how many sick people has rapture ready helped????????????? like i said your do nothing, flap your jaw, mocking.. want to be christians
Nov 14

Good Morning Todd, You may or may not remember me, but we were stationed at Offutt at the same time back in 2000-2003 timeframe; I've been retired now a number of years. I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for using your gifts, talents and abilities to further God's kingdom through the use of your website. Over the years I have met a number of people who either knew about and used your site or have started using it after sharing with them. Even though I didn't know you personally I'm reminded of 1 Thessalonians 1:3 (NIV) "We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." You are in my prayers each time I meet someone who mentions your website.
Todd, Great article, love your site and thank you for your ministry with it. God bless you richly. Sorry for the punn
Todd, I appreciate your efforts with RR and agree with your biblical position on most issues. However, I think you are wrong to be so dogmatic with respect to the death penalty. There is no question that a liberal bias exists in the media regarding the death penalty as well as many other issues, however, your position seems to be more interested in taking a viewpoint opposite to the liberal position as opposed to considering all the possibilities.

Since we agree on most biblical positions, I assume we can agree without question that mankind is fallen and therefore fallible. I assume we can also agree that our justice system is tainted and biased and anything but infallible. Therefore, it is possible that the system could make a mistake with respect to the guilt of a person in a capital murder case. Whether Troy Davis was guilty or not doesn't matter now, if it is even possible that one innocent person could be put to death by the state for a murder they did not commit then don't you think you should at least consider the possibility that the death penalty should be abolished? God will deal with sin in His way and His time. How does He look at the death of an innocent person, and those that advocate a system that allows the possibility of that happening?

Hello, and greetings in His name. I feel the need to share something about the whole alien mentality. These are not aliens. They are demonic spirits also known as the watchers and are part of the strong delusions that will increase as we approach the Day of the Lord. It's so important that we try every spirit and continue to pray for discernment.
I am a creature of many facets, that has been watching the planet and the people work against each other for years now. Your site and Global Disaster Watch are like my HLN. I check the news twice a day.

The funniest/saddest moments are in the fact that people do not connect all of these stories and events. They feel they are separate but the dots do connect.

I agree that the Media is to blame, but others as well.

I do not believe in a Devil that is behind it, or any other spiritual being, and least of all Lucifer. There is a reason that I say this, and it is because just using names of spiritual beings (real or not) is over simplifying the real problem, and that is People that take pleasure in the harming of others, or the control of others for their personal gain.

There have been many wars started over greed, and the power of the wealthy elite to control and harm others. Look at WWII the people that made money off of it are still in control, and they also control the media, the banks, and governments.

Saying that some spiritual being is behind it, makes it easier for the lay person to understand, but also takes away from the fact that there are people in control that are more evil than any Devil, and they are of flesh and blood. They may even be evil incarnate. There is a saying the difference between who is a criminal and who is not a criminal all depends on who is making the rules. After all it is OK to steal and harm others if you control a bank (legally, but not morally).

After all in the bible USURY is a crime punishable by death, but not in this world, and it is because of this and other things that are legal and allowed, but are wrong for a society to grow morally and successful in the long term have all been ignored for too long and because of this world wide unemployment is up, crime is up, suffering is up, and all the other things that lead to the end of times in the bible.

In other words people are allowing those that profit from the destruction of society to take control and cause the destruction of society, and the media DOES play a part in it. Looking at what Hitler and others have done brings this point home...

Dear Todd ,
Thank you for your Faithfulness over the years that Rapture Ready has been on the Net. I am sure that your crown for looking upwards will be perhaps the brightest. I

I am strongly of the opinion that the rapture is so imminent that it occur during this year's feast of Rosh Shoshana which begins on Tuesday sunset Israeli time. The last Trump of that feast is blown on the second day (Thursday) couple this with the prophecy that this generation shall not pass away before He returns to the Earth ,then Israel was formed in 1948 + a generation (70years) =2018 -The time of Jacob's Trouble (7year Tribulation) - 1911. See you in Heaven ,
Your brother in Christ

Hello Mr. Strandberg,

While I really enjoy your informative website and thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say about Mr. and Mrs. Van Impe, it really breaks my heart when I see how enthralled he is with the Catholic Church, which is leading many who truly might wish to know God and Jesus astray. So many terrible pagan rituals (similar to other religions who feel they also know the true and living God/Jesus???) that do NOTHING TO FURTHER THE CAUSE OF CHRIST, but that seems to be alright with those who say they've looked elsewhere and can find nothing similar to it, because they really preach Jesus better than all the other churches (or so I've heard).

Mr. Strandberg, you have NO idea how I earnestly pray to the Lord ALL the time for Mr. and Mrs Van Impe's eyes to be opned, especially when it comes to the Catholic Church.The Lord NEVER meant for us to bow down to, pray to, worship, venerate or anything else they do to Mary or any other saint of God. The following sites (Ex-catholics saved from all sin and given eternal Life by Jesus Christ, Roman Catholicism is Apostate, and Discussion Group: Roman Catholics And Protestants) on Facebook were set up by former Catholics, in order to reach those who are still in the cult, but as you can see by viewing the site (which has now been joined by Jehovah's Witnesses and Atheists) this has now turned into an uphill battle by those who feel, "the Ex-Catholics and Christians are those who have it wrong instead".

God help these folks Mr. Strandberg, as it seems that no matter how much Word is given to them, they feel that their 'traditions' are the right way and that those who hold true to the Word are wrong, how sad and scary is this? No compromise to even think about the fact they could be wrong, just their way of thinking it's us who are wrong instead. They need MUCH prayer and son sadly does Mr. Van Impe as long as he clings to a system, which is most definitely NOT in step with the Word of God in any way, shape or form. God help and him mercy on him, and hopefully he will once again, "see the Light before it's too late". Thanks for reading my letter and adding your prayers for Mr. and Mrs. Van Impe to ours.

Dear Mr Strandberg -

I stumbled upon your essay, "Evolutionism vs Creationism," and I wanted to congratulate you on a well balanced essay that tries to move the current shouting match between the evolution and creation camps into something more like a debate. There aren't many people in the world who can take a wider view, and I thank you for it.

I'm a fairly liberal Christian (Quaker, in fact) and I'm not sure how much we would agree on if we sat down to chat, but I do strongly agree with you that neither camp has a lock on the truth and that both are acting like petulant children. The so-called debate is getting shrill and non-productive and, worse than that, it's getting boring. I'm not sure that anyone has advanced a new idea in the last ten years, and I've heard it all many times before. At this point, I'd rather turn to the Red Sox.

At any rate, please keep up your good work. I've bookmarked raptureready and I'll drop in from time to time.

Aug 18

I think you guys have the best site there is with the relevant content that the whole world needs to hear. You DO preach the ONLY Gospel that saves.

The issue I see is that most of the authors who submit to your site say the same thing but in different ways.

Distilling it all down to the basics is that most of the pulpits in today's churches have rotten theology. This is why America is failing and its churches are in full apostasy.

Again, you have the best discernment site and all of your contributors are on target and on the same page but all are saying the same thing over and over.

The plain Gospel needs to be clearly preached. There is no reason to take back America or to hope for an economic recovery or "revival". It will only afford America more opportunity to rebel against the Lord. Our hope is to rescue as many as we can from God's soon-coming and much deserved wrath.

Thanks for your fine work for the Kingdom.

Dear Todd,

I am a brother in the Lord. My name is Mike. I truly am enriched by R.R.. I use the news segment to stay up with current events. -- Thank you!

I’ll get to the point. What if I could show you from scripture, The bride of Christ is not taken from the earth, (the rapture), in truth, we will translate into and out of the garden of Eden as the means of being kept from the “hour of trial”. When we are, in truth, “caught up”, this will be in “the day of the Lord”, when we are gathered out from the 4th dimension, (here on earth), the garden of Eden. ---- I know, its wild!

And so, if you are willing to read proof from scripture, I’ll begin sending it. If not, I wont be offended, and will continue enriching myself with R.R.

I saw the following t-shirt slogan the other day. It read as follows:

Atheism: “the belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense.”

.... “I am an atheist, and I subscribe to the idea that humanity and all of its works are essentially the sum of water, carbon, and random electrical impulses.”

I’ve been analyzing that sentence for a few minutes now and am of the opinion that a two-word change would make it a lot clearer:

“I am an idiot, because I subscribe to the idea that humanity and all of its works are essentially the sum of water, carbon, and random electrical impulses.”

According to Froese, all these -- simply the sum of water, carbon and random electrical impulses. Your ability to read these words are not the result of anything. Instead, they are the result of nothing.

THIS is the position adopted by those who claim that reason is on their side!

You idiots...

Taking money from common people...

You will roast if there is a god...

Hi Todd, I've been checking in on Rapture Ready each day for years. It's where I begin getting the headlines of the day. However, today is the first day I've read some of the letters people send in. I never cease to be amazed at "educated idiots" that are compelled to come to this site to get upset and spew their unbelieving trash talk. I am always amazed at the people I meet who want to argue the authenticity of the Bible with me, when they've never read the entire book. I stop them in their tracks when I ask, "Whoa...have you actually read the entire Bible"? When they ultimately say "Well no, not the whole Bible", I tell them that in that case, they are not qualified to argue their points with me. How can you argue about a book that you've not read? Yet, these folks don't hesitate to try. I'm not impressed with their "education". As Jesus said, we need to be more like children to enter Heaven. They say "Seeing is believing", when it's actually "Believing is seeing". When someone says to me, "I'm an atheist", I say, "Oh, I'm sorry... I'll pray for you".
Thank you for this terrific site, and please keep up the good work! - Sincerely,
J. Smith, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

This is in response to Jack Kelley’s article “Islam And The End Times.” Mr. Kelley wrote, “Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Islam will no longer be a viable religious force after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 either.” I have a difficult time believing that between Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 that it will not have any detrimental effect on Islam. That would be comparable to Israel being wiped off the map and Christian’s not batting an eye. How could a person’s faith not be shaken if not destroyed after that? In my opinion the more probable outcome is Muslims realize that Allah is not that great after all and depart from the faith in droves. I believe Islam has a part to play alright, but that part ends at Ezekiel 38. There are other possibilities for a one world religion such as inter-faithism or pantheism aka the Green movement.
May 9
Hi Todd,
Check out this Jack Chick Tract. I makes for some very interesting reading.

 Sure does give a person food for thought. Personally I believe that the USA is undergoing God's judgment even now. At the Prophecy Conference up here this October, Joel Rosenberg is going to be speaking. Just as an FYI to you.
Hi Todd,
I posted an article on RR this AM regarding GAGA and her singing about Judas is the one she loves and I cringe in horror over it. She is damning herself with her own words. I cannot believe some of the stuff that is going on in the world. I'm incredulous to see people totally and completely just essentially flip off God without any fear of repercussions, or their eternal salvation or their total incomprehension of the "Wrath" of Almighty God. These people have gone off the deep end completely. They appear to revel in their wickedness and totally embrace evil, all the while presenting themselves as desirable and "sexy". And even more frightening is that so many in the world are jumping on that band wagon. They are fulfilling scripture where is states "Lets throw off their bonds..." in Revelation. What few restraints that are left in the world are very rapidly being stripped away. Once again we are seeing "As it was in the days of Noah"... Which brings me to a whole different topic regarding a reason why possibly certain afflictions in Revelation are suffered by the followers of the anti-christ and not the remaining believers...but I'll elaborate on that in a different e-mail. (Besides that they have rejected Christ).
Greetings in the name of Jesus our Lord.
Was reading the local news rag this AM and on the front page was all the killing of civilians in Syria and the people demanding "Blood for blood!" When I read that it occurred to me that it possible that some Syrian protestor (or group of protestors etc..) could desire revenge so badly against Bashir that they somehow, while in Damascus, figure out a way to trigger a thermo-nuclear device and totally destroy the city? Anyway, just a thought.... So much going on in the world that it is difficult to keep up with it any more. Noah lived in hectic times it we are finding out.
Brother Todd, Please let me introduce myslef, my name is Tony Degn and I am a true prophet of God. I would be interested in sharing my great and incredible story at the Branson, Missouri speaking in July. To make a long story short, back in September of 2001, I was caught up to Heaven by the sounding of a trumpet! I was literally and physically shown what the "Rapture" will be like, feel like and sound like. I have had witnesses whom I have never even met before including one of which who was an angel Of God confirm who I am at what happened to me really happened! I have seen many great things from God to include Jesus Second Coming, Jesus Crucifixion, The Four Horsemen, The first Of Seven Plagues and many many more prophetic visions. I truly believe the Rapture is at hand and most surely will take place. It is an incredible event as I know directly. Please allow me to share this with all that will hear in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.
The anti-Christ is not a Muslim is very good and I would add only the scripture is descriptive of this false prophet. Revelation teaches us who wears... Revelation 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: Like it or not this is the Roman Catholic Church and even though it is a false religion it can’t coincide with Islam. This is the colors of their garments they wear and no other religion in the world does. The seventeenth chapter gives a look at both the anti-Christ and the False Prophet the anti-Christ will destroy when he is finished using her. The Roman Catholic Church was referred to as Papal Rome earlier on and if you have read Foxes Book of Martyrs then Revelation 17 comes alive proving Catholicism is of the devil. Catholics killed the saints of God in the most devilish of ways. Catholicism defies the word of God with the doctrine of the trinity, it sets up man as the mediator between God and man and has people worship Mary the mother of Jesus, which is another of the statues of idolatry. Jesus nipped this in the bud when he told Mary, “.
I was blessed by your article, "Rewards - Blessings - and Salvation," that was posted on Rapture Ready. Lovely, inspiring words. I, too, was saved in my 40s, and I'm giving thanks daily to the Lord for preserving me through some pretty wild years.
Hi Todd, I've been checking in on Rapture Ready each day for years. It's where I begin getting the headlines of the day. However, today is the first day I've read some of the letters people send in. I never cease to be amazed at "educated idiots" that are compelled to come to this site to get upset and spew their unbelieving trash talk. I am always amazed at the people I meet who want to argue the authenticity of the Bible with me, when they've never read the entire book. I stop them in their tracks when I ask, "Whoa...have you actually read the entire Bible"? When they ultimately say "Well no, not the whole Bible", I tell them that in that case, they are not qualified to argue their points with me. How can you argue about a book that you've not read? Yet, these folks don't hesitate to try. I'm not impressed with their "education". As Jesus said, we need to be more like children to enter Heaven. They say "Seeing is believing", when it's actually "Believing is seeing". When someone says to me, "I'm an atheist", I say, "Oh, I'm sorry... I'll pray for you". Thank you for this terrific site, and please keep up the good work! - Sincerely,
To Whom it may concern,
I have grown up under the teaching of the Word and am often sickend by those who do not follow it. I have recently read your defense of a pretrib rapture. You offer some thought provoking information. My main concern is how talk down to those who have a different view then yourselves. This type of tactic I have seen all of my life. This tactic admittedly works on many. If you make them think that they are stupid for believing anything other than the stated opinion, you have won the argument. While, admittedly effective on many, most see this as an intimidation tactic and it actually detracts from your credibility, not only as a knowledgeable person, but also as a Christian. If the truth is stated in your article than it should be enough to convince those who are willing to receive it. When you add your hint of arrogance to the truth it distracts from it. Those reading it may become more focused on being insulted than the truth that is being presented. This is why we are told in Ephesians 4 to give the "truth in love".
Hi Todd,
Let me just say that you are a disgrace to Christianity. You make Christians out to be fools – and I don’t mean fools for Christ’s sake! Do you honestly believe that your interpretation is right? What audacity!!! You say it’s the Bible’s interpretation – Not really. It is for The Father to know the time – not even the Son knows. How do you argue with that? Have you ever considered that Revelations are allegories? That they are not to be taken literally? Please reconsider what you write about and stop making a fool out of yourself and others that only want to know and enjoy Jesus forever!

Feb 14

I want to thank you for your website. I have read it for years.

My Mom died last week and my heart is filled with sorrow.

I find comfort learning on your website.

I hope Jesus comes soon and brings my Mom back.

Thank you

I have been reading and enjoying your views blogs articles and scriptures. I just had to send a short script. I too am fascinated with the thought of Christs return. I just want to say thank you for this site and hope to see you soon in the rapture. From a sister to a brother in Christ. God bless........Holy Holy is He


Dear Brother Todd. I am in Kenya and so much touched and inspired with what you are teaching. In the love to serve.
Hi Todd!!

A lady just told me about your site, and WoWza!! I can't wait to dig in!!

Also.... You might suggest that people have your site as a 'signature' on all of their outgoing emails, as I have this other site that you can see below the body of my letter....

Just a suggestion...

Keep up the 'good works!'

Hey Todd,
I gravitate to your site just about everyday. I got to say that I struggle with balance though. The coming of our Lord and the rapture is so exciting... and for me it can almost shadow my personal encounters with Christ. Just wondering if you struggle with that too with all your work. Does the hope of His return ever distract you from His actual presence in you and your life today? Sometimes, if not most, I find more excitement in current events than my prayer time. Trying to learn balance. But overall I want to thank you for all your work and dedication and being a "watchmen on the wall."
I just wanted to wish you good luck with your delusional state of mind. I realize that you have probably been brainwashed from birth about religion, so it’s not really your fault. I guess I can’t really say for sure there is no god, however I feel that science has explained everything that the inferior minds of year 800 or whatever could not. I mean this email in a polite manner, so please hear me out. If an individual in the past could not explain where lightning came from, they would merely claim god created it. Like I said though strange things happen so maybe he exists. According to religious individuals I will be “left behind” I choose to go to “hell” it sounds like more fun anyway.

Most Sincerely


P.S. I’m not that lucky, my life will go on and on….

Just wanted to say thanks for the website, I find it very interesting and so far everything is spot on! It is very rare to find a web site that is right on the money. I am slowly going through all of your articles and just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work!!! You and your staff will defiantly be blessed in heaven, very soon I believe??? Have a good day.
I am sure you have noticed the South American countries who are recognizing a Palestinian state with 67 borders. If we thought 2010 had a lot of disasters look out 2011. We will just have to see how quickly all the other countries follow suit. Keep looking up because we are now in the "think not" era. I cannot get one person in my church to engage in conversation about end time prophecy. Blessings for the work you do.

Dec 6

Thank you for your website! It is such a great resource. Because of the guidance on your site, I have set up a desktop folder on my computer entitled "VANISHED" so hopefully, if I "vanish" someone will find it and find out why! I also carry a "Rapture Card" in my wallet-- explaining what happened and what the next steps for someone left behind should be. Again, thank you! You do such great work for the Kingdom. May God richly bless you, and praise Jesus for your work!
I like your articles ,but I had to laugh when you wrote: Many of these are fear-filled Christians who look to Beck and others to inform them of the proposed terrors to come, and to tell them what to do about it. I continue to hear from some of these through email on a weekly, even daily, basis. They shouldn't be fear-filled Christians. There's no fear when you trust in the Lord.
We love your book and are passing it around!!
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have become very much happy when I made a visit in your website on your teachings, I pray for you day day out for God to multiply strength on what you are doing especially in teaching us about the kingdom of God. I am a male adult from Kenya , I make a request to your ministry so that i can corporate with you in preaching the gospel and train us in the word of the lord .
Todd, Terry Came accross this article in reference to what seems to be a digital race between countries. As the article describes, China recently annouced they had created a supercomputer that could reach 2.57 petaflops and that the U.S. is currently developing a 20 petaflop computer. This has got to mean something. How else could a megalomanical ruler control all of the worlds fiances and make it so you cannot conduct commerce without a mark and do it well enough to tighten the screws on a black market with out very powerfull efficient computers. I also put this together with the development of the next gen Bios firmware that will make personal PC's that much faster.
Hi Todd thank-you so much for your website! I look forward to everything that you guys post and daily check the news.It is so interesting that one of your people mentioned Laborers for Jesus, recently I purchased Chick tracts "little comic like book" called Chick tracks and find that is the most effective way for me to get the word out and help people get saved. I have me and my son drive around the neighbor hood handing them out. My son is great at giving them out. His 3. I told him Jesus is coming to take his people away soon. I described Satan and his demons as "Monsters" (he calls scary things that) and said the bad people will be with the monsters when they die. And he has such a strong desire for a 3 year old to want to give the booklets out to people. He took reject well and extremely happy when he is able to give one out. People are more prone to take a tract from a child, So I noticed. Yes it is time. Reap! I have such a desire to get people to turn to Jesus Christ! Thanks to your GREAT team of writers and keep upthe good work. You are all in My Prayers! God bless! Love all of you!
Todd, Although I agree with you assessment of the recent elections I do have one comment. You addressed the lack of discussion of 'moral issues' like abortion, etc. You are right, however, it is my belief that all political issues are 'moral issues'. For example: If we were a moral people we would take care of our families. Our parents wouldn't need to 'be on their own' or dependent on government aid, therefore there would be less need for Social Security. If all able bodied people worked to eat we would eliminate need for 'illegal' foreign workers, unemployment checks, welfare and medicaid. Families staying in tact is economically beneficial to the nation as well as moral. I could go on, but you get the drift. All these issues are moral issues; whether economic or cultural. Unfortunately, economic issues are never addressed this way in political circumstances; and that is the frustration to me.
Hi, I was just surfing the Web and came across your site and was reading with interest. then I decided to check to see what your views on Mormonism were, and of course you say all these things that are distorted and taken out of context, etc. I'm a convert to the LDS church; I joined as a young woman in the 80's. It just drives me nuts when I see these crazy things posted about our church. I wish you would learn what the truth is before writing these things.
Sept 6

Last year I didn't like what you had to say about various false teachers, but It stuck with me! It took me awhile to take the blinders off, but I realized that I was attending a church riddled with false teaching (prosperity gospel). This year at Easter Service, when Jesus wasn't even mentioned I finally woke up. Unfortunately, I've spent many years working for a "church" that is playing for the other team. Thanks for having the guts to say what needs to be said!

Lastly, remember that an error is often in the eyes of the beholder. Luke says that Jesus was born in a stable while Matthew says that the wise men visited Mary in a house. Critics say that this is a contradiction between the two accounts but a more balanced reading shows that there is no reason to infer that the events happened simultaneously. It's completely possible that the wise men came some time after Jesus' birth - allowing a period of several days, weeks or even a year for Joseph and Mary to settle down in a house.

I'm from the Uk and I got interested in your site, but I have to ask you to look at what you write! That answer is complete speculation, an ad hoc arguement and you can use any situation you like to make the bible look more realistic. But for the bigger picture, you have to ask yourself, you of anyone would argree the world is not a moral or fair place, hence why you believe the rapture will take place and save the worthy, but surely people 2000 years ago were even less moral then we are now. My point is that anyone who handled, contributed or even anyone with power to influence to bible such as a roman emperor (an ancient version of the FCC perhaps) would have to have a perfect selfless conscience not to tamper with the bible and its content for themselves. Call me pessimistic but generally people dont get involved unless there is something in it, directly or indirectly, for them. Thats why I cannot believe the bible, and any good Christian would say they cannot follow the bible because of the great risk that little of it is God's word. But they do follow it again, for self gain just like the people who tampered with the bible for their self gain.

I really am not trying to antagonise you, I like your site and I would be very interested to hear your views on the matter

Todd, thanks for your clear understandable and somewhat humorous defense of pre-trib rapture. I read HL Nigro's book "Before God's Wrath" a year or so ago and was left with an overall sense that these folks not only stretch context and "trumpet" relationships between Daniel, Matthew, I Thess and Revelation that don't really exist because they confuse the rapture with the second coming...but they don't clearly understand God's purposes for Israel as a nation. It seems they think we Christians should be all fussed up about getting ready for persecution and tribulation (not sure if we are to get politically active to stave them off or build bunkers to hid in) instead of what all the NT writers suggest we be doing, that is, we should "occupy" till He comes, which I take to be busy in the Fathers business of preaching the gospel, shepherding saints and learning Christ.
 I guess I'm loath to give up what the dear old brothers preached to us for proper exegesis for eschatology....Be sure to know the difference between Israel, Church, Trib Saints and Millennium saints or you will get all mixed up like a dog's breakfast.
Hello Todd,
Your article today really hit home.  Although I am on your site more than once a day every day forwarding articles to friends that are non-believers or 'fence sitters' I realized that I have only given support ONCE and that was only $20.00.
I am going to refocus and thou I support a few ministries financially (I am not a rich person) I have neglected you and Terry and Jim.  I am so very sorry! Rapture Ready has been a great blessing to me and a source of great agony and annoyance to my non believing friends.  Something that I must admit I sometimes greatly enjoy.
Thank you for the wake up call and starting 9/1/10 I will send something every month great or small. 
You know, I was beginning to be guilty of 'Rapture Fatigue'....thank you for the wake up sister and I were discussing this very thing a few days ago. 
Much Love to you all and may God bless you and your work.

Hello Todd. I just read your recent nearing midnight article and found it very interesting, as usual. I wanted to share an observation I saw this past week. About a week ago I preached on "The Weather" how in scripture we are told that we can determine when its going to rain, or be clear weather, Matthew 16 stuff etc. I preached about storm warnings, and how we are to warn others that indeed a storm is coming, and we would be neglect not to warn people. I talked about the importance of tornado sirens warning people that a storm is coming and to be ready. The very next day, 2 tornadoes and strong storms hit my area. the thing that struck me was the sirens were going off, the amount of people who were going outside to catch a glimpse of the storm and impending distinction. The storm was coming, you could see the blackness in the sky, the strikes of lighting, and indeed day looked like it was night. but people were outside, playing basketball, driving around- in some cases driving straight into the storm, oblivious, or even that they would be spared. Indeed you got it right when you said there is a birth pang fatigue, people just don't see it coming from God, but from "Mother Nature."
Todd, Please pray for me, and ask your church to pray for me as well. I've had a terrible year and am now divorced. I've always trusted Jesus, but have fallen so far away.
Dear Todd, I just spent several hours reading various articles on your web site and I think you have done a fantastic job of explaining the rature! I am also a born again believer in Jesus Christ and I wonder every day when the lord is going to return. I often check your web site to see the rapture index. Seems to be pretty high with all the events happening lately. Lately there are so many people spewing hatred towards Christians on various web sites it makes me sick to surf the internet. I could not believe some of the terrible blogs I read today about Rev Graham. It is quite desturbing to know there are so many lost people in the world that absolutely despise born again Christians. I had to go to your web site today to get comfort in reading about Jesus, salvation, and the rapture. Please keep us the good work! Maybe your website can clear up the misconceptions that people have of Christianity. Kind Regards,
You and your cat loving freak are completely F'd in the head. I can't believe people actually give you 2 fruitloops money for your toxic garbage website. Keep on poisoning people's minds Todd you psychopath.
your site seems to be mainly about the end and i think you have done a fantastic job, but i always find its best to start at the begining. my question is was Adam the first man created, or were the people created before him. in the bible it says that god created man in his own image on the sixth day and on the seventh day he rested. and then it says he needed someone to till the soil so he created Adam. further proof is that Cain and able had wives were the just lustful brothers and sisters or were they from the sixth day people and if Adam is created on a different day after god was rested does that make Adam different in any way, was he called the first king ,Noah the second, moses the third and so on and so on. i have wondered this since i was a child have read genesis hundreds of times and may be im just missing it or maybe ill just have to wait to ask god when that great day comes. but i would appreciate your incite on this matter. thank you and keep the good work god appreciated it im sure.
Hello there, I found your website about a week ago and already have been reading a lot of your articles. Very cool stuff. All I can say is “May the Lord bless you!” There were only a couple of things that I slightly disagree with you. but no big deal. \

1) In one article you said that one thing that all the countries in eastern Europe have in common is that they are muslim. I’m from eastern Europe and I disagree with that. Poland is catholic, Russia is orthodox, Romania orthodox hungary most of it I belive it is also orthodox or chatolic. However there are 1-2 countries that may have a bigger percentage of muslims. Like I said, no big deal and nothing to worry about but just an observation.

2) Babylon – you say that Babylon is still the Babylon of today (Iraq) I somewhat don’t believe that. I believe that the Babylon of Revelation may be the USA. The reason for that is because no other nation buys and sells as much from other nations. We the USA are a spending nation like no other. But I might be wrong. Also since the rapture might take place at any moment, I don’t think there would be time to build a city and make it prosperous and establish trade with the entire world just like that. I don’t see how it could happen in lets say next 5 years. Anyway, keep up the GOOD WORK. I’m looking forward to meeting my Lord and Saviour Jesus and one day I’m hoping to meet you too. God bless you and MARANATHA!!! PS I love your quote: “ If you listen carefully you can almost her the steps of the Messiah” very cool.
Todd, I love your site. I usually start reading at the top, and never get too far down because there is something new there. This time I just spent hours reading from the bottom up. I was reading in Apologetics, Contending for the truth. The two things I read there were Beware of Men and The Antichrist, Have you seen this man? What prompts me to write is that you are a very FUNNYguy. I actually had to laugh out loud. I wish I had more time, but it could take me a year to read everything and even then, there's alwaays something new at the top. Being such a serious time it's great to have a laugh!