Of course, the best testimony is the almighty Word of God, however, Scripture does say personal testimonies can be vital in helping others find salvation and deliverance.



Jews for Jesus

Jeff - A completed Jew
Tom - The Lord got the last laugh
Stephen - His grace is sufficient
Bob - I gave my life to Jesus
Ed - My life story   

Out of Islam

Walid - Arab-Israeli
Mohammed - Pakistani
Celal - Turk

Former Jehovah's Witness

Tammie - A Jehovah's Witness couple gets saved
Jean - Third generation JW finds the true Christ
Michael - A new life in Christ
Paul and Pat - Third Generation JWs

Raised Pagan (Buddhist, Sikh)

Rich - From suffering to deliverance
Brian - Converted out of Buddhism
Donald - Out of Sikh

Legalism and "religions"

Jerry - Delivered from Armstrongism
Amy - I was a "good person"
Grace - Out of the bondage of the UPC - Oneness Pentacostal
Tim - From religion to knowing Him
Mary - He makes my sorrowing spirit sing
Mags - The ultimate grace case
Mary - My trust and hope are in Him
Missy - Called and called and called
Wendy - Learning to do it God's way
Sally -The rescue
Steve - Confessions of a Catholic

Seventh Day Adventism

Tom - My journey of faith
Clay - My journey out of legalism
Greg - An open letter to family
Steve - Becoming grace based

Mormonism (Latter Day Saints)

Jim - The path Jesus sent me down
Kathrine - I found the true Jesus
Gail - Trapped in a cage of legalism
Dave - The truth will set you free
Kenny and Janice - A Christian perspective on leaving Mormonism
Jason and Laura - Redeemed by grace
Nancy - God answered me

Christian Science

Marjorie - Delivered from false teachings
Carolyn - My path from false teachings to Jesus
Jonathan - A long process

New Age and Wicca

Valerie - Former eclectic solitary witch
Sarah - Bewitched by witchcraft
Amy - My search
Desiree - Deliverance from wicca and substance abuse
Connie - I learned how to fight a spiritual battle
Vince - Triumph over demonic possession
Frank - I found the true path
Jeff - I was miserable
Geoff - A Testimony of His Grace
Tamara - Lost Souls 101

Blessings Through Trials and Tribulations

Vicki - The loss of a loved one
Mark - My wife was arrested for the murder
Paul - One New Years morning
Kerry - My testimony and reaffirmation
Tomi - My wakeup call
Daniel - Blessings through trials
Pam - Delivered from a life of tragedy and the loss of a child
Cathy - Through the loss of a child
Debbie - My life in Zimbabwe
Bob - The ultimate pardon
Michele - God was beside me

Childhood and spousal abuse

Kay - The Lord will fight for you
Heather - Out of the darkness
Nicola - My new life
Linda - Kidnapped & molested as a child
Grace - From abused child to child of God
Rich - From suffering to deliverance
Brenda - The Lord brought strength through the kidnapping of my daughter
Jane - God's amazing grace in healing my broken marriage
Vicki - I thought I had tried everything
MaryLou - How I overcame it


Bob - You don't have to be gay, you can choose to change.  
Robert - Delivered from a life of homosexuality
Stephen - God's amazing grace
Speedy (aka MJ) - Feeling "gay" was wrong
Lori - Delivered from a life of lesbianism
Wayne - Jesus had just taken it away

Addictions and deliverance

Jerry - Into the hands of the Living God
Chrissie - Did every evil act
Holden - Delivered
Scott - Demons of Anger
Bryan - My search for the truth
Terry - Drugs and alcohol
Craig - From a Hedonist to a believer
Janet - Victory over doubt and depression

Sexual sins

Eddie - Out of sexual sin
Jack - Delivered from pornography
Laura - Once lost and now found

Stories of grace

Megan - I felt so unloved
Chuck - A prodigal's testimony
Marcia - If your life is NOT a mess
Carl - From Agnosticism to Christ
Janice - It is simple grace
Monica - Born again believer
Jason - Not all savings have to be dramatic
Scott - Life isn't always easy
Patti - Out of dispair
Paula - He was with me
Michael - Jesus collected what was His
Cindi - Butterflies from heaven
Kenny - He never gave up on me
Scott - Through my darkest hour
Trudy - God knew my heart
Lynn - I felt lost
Bev - The Best Christmas Gift
Lorie - My husband was an alcoholic
Nelumdini - Finding a partner
Cathy - Why Me
Heidi -I was still so empty
Beth - Lived as a scarlet woman

Today's Teens

Michelle - He was always with me
Josh - Shaken from a false sense of security
Jenna - Confirmation lock-in
Glen - Redeemed
Michael - Without him I'd be nothing
Brandon - Jesus Christ has completely changed my life
Ben - With God's help. I can do anything
Brian - God pulled me through
Carrie - God can take even teenagers and use them for his glory
Jonathan - Out of the gang scene and back to Jesus
Kyle - God has changed everything in my life, for the better
Veronica - I found the real thing - I don't have to fake it anymore.
Justina - I can feel Jesus's presence with me
Mike - I was suicidal

Miracle Healings

Hal - Miracle healing
Christian - Spinal meningitis
Trudy - Leukemia
Joshua - Brittle bone birth defect
Shari - God's angels were with me
Phillip - Overcome an illness