by Todd Strandberg

What Secret Rapture?

Many Christians in the prophetic realm today believe that when the rapture takes place, very few individuals left behind will understand the true reason for its occurrence. The common reasoning portrays the people left behind as being stunned at first, but then quickly developing some sort of amnesia. The idea that no one will pay any lasting attention to what would have to be a cataclysmic event seems hard to believe. This is especially true since so much information about the rapture has already been disseminated in the form of millions of books, radio or TV broadcasts, and even in the form of bumper stickers: "In Case Of Rapture This Car Will Be Unmanned."

How the Idea of a Secret Rapture Became Predominant

Most Christian writings, when it comes to the world's reaction regarding the rapture, paint a picture of total ignorance of what has happened. The common understanding is, in order to have the Antichrist come to power, a blanket of ignorance needs to be thrown over all tribulation events. The unsaved typically say, "Where did everyone go?" This thought process has dominated rapture writings for the past 25 years. I believe the whole purpose of the rapture is to get people's attention. In contrast to what some authors think, information about the rapture permeates society, so much so that the occurrence of the rapture will likely cause a good deal of weeping and wailing.

Will the World Take Notice of the Rapture?

The world will most certainly take notice when the rapture occurs. If the Statue of Liberty suddenly vanished from New York Harbor, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN would break from regular programming to cover this marvel. To have millions of people disappear without a trace, the media storm cannot be imagined. If one car or airplane crashed without a driver or pilot, it would be a major news item. After the rapture, the media will have thousands of examples to choose from. Think of the vital positions that Christians hold in the workplace. Many businesses will be paralyzed by the loss of key personnel; the economy will suffer a devastating blow; and millions of people, who had friends and family members raptured, will be terrified. The rapture will create a media event that will rival any breaking news event from the past. If you turned on your television, you would find 24-hour-coverage on every channel. The President would be calling emergency meeting after emergency meeting, and churches would be filled to overflowing.

How the Devil Will Deceive the World

Right after the rapture, millions of people will find "religion," repenting of every sin they have committed--and of some they haven't. The prophecy section in all Christian bookstores will be cleaned out, and you may need reservations to attend Sunday church services. Well, maybe not at all churches. The world will be in a state of supreme chaos, and out of this mess will arise the man who will have an answer to every question. This man, the Antichrist, has been repeatedly mentioned in the New Testament. Paul the Apostle spoke of him frequently. The Antichrist will be the greatest salesman in history because he will sell the people the biggest lie ever. Satan will be so impressed with him that he will give this man his full power. Paul also stated that because the people will have no pleasure in the truth, God will send them strong delusion that they may be damned. Exactly what that delusion is, we can only guess. What methodology the Antichrist will use to explain away the rapture, I have no idea. Some say he will cite space aliens as the reason, and some say the explanation will be that they went into another dimension to receive better understanding. If we are truly grounded in the Word of God, no lie, no matter how beguiling, will be able to shake us loose from the truth.

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