Terry James has produced a number of books involving Bible prophecy and its impact upon the world today. With most of his books Terry acts the general editor, gathering analysis and insight by some of America's foremost writers, broadcasters and other experts in the field. Terry was kind enough to allow me to host several chapters from five of his most recent books.



The Harbinger:A Book Review by Terry James

Democracy Invades Islam: Book Review by Terry

Petrus Romanus: A Book Review by Terry James

Revelation Road: A Book Review by Terry James


Strange Prophetic Silence   

Jesus' Critical Question for End-Times Believers 

Devil's Dementia Goes Viral  

EU: Partly Strong, Partly Weak

Israel Betrayed by U.S.?

Corrie Ten Boom: A one woman play

The Chronicles of the Sons of None

Cults and Isms: True or False?

Terry's Review of Joe Chamber's Nebuchadnezzar

Terry's Review of Mark Hitchcock's book on 2012  

Prince of Peace?  

America and Mother Earth Worship

Rapture Near 

Apollyon Rising 2012

Chief Doctrine of Devils  

World in Crisis: Hour of Temptation

On the Cusp of Apocalypse

End-Times Politics  

End-Times Closet Christians  

Time of the Signs  

Endure Unto the End

What Time Is It?  

The Perfect Prophetic Storm

Turned to Fables   

Will All Children Be Raptured?

The Porpoise Driven Life

Adam's Apples

The End-Times Invasion

UFO Magazine Interview with Terry James

Heart Trouble

Antichrist: Where Is He?  

1. Characteristics of End-Time Man - by William T. James
2. Israel: The Clear Signal - by William T. James
3. The Rapture - by David Breese
4. Europe and the Prince That Shall Come - by David Breese
5. Antichrist, Armageddon, and... - by John Walvoord
6. The Shout Heard Around the World - by Thomas Ice
7. Gathering Clouds of Global Godlessness - by Bill Perkins
8. False Peace: The Pseudo-Storm Shelter - by Randall Price
9. Forecasting Earth's Furious Finish - by Phil Arms
10. Forewarning the Future Fuhrer - by Daymond R. Duck
11. Judgment at Jerusalem - by David Allen Lewis
12. Asia's Armageddon Army - by Michael Hile
13. Is Silence Golden? - by Joseph Carr
14. Israel - The Heart of Prophecy - by David Allen Lewis
15. The New World Order of Prophecy - by Robert Lindsted
16. Cyclone of Apocalypse - by Dave Breese
17. Flashes of Falling Away - by Dave Hunt
18. Peace Be Still - by William T. James
19. Will God Destroy Russia? - by Tim LaHaye
20. Satan's War against God - by Henry Morris
21. Day's of Our Lives - by William T. James
22. When Millions Vanish! - by William T. James
23. The Roman Empire's Greatest Caesar - by Dave Breese
24. The Ultimate Hiding Place - by David Webber
25. All the King's Men... - by Dave Breese
26. Why We Watch - by Dr. John F. Walvoord
27. Rapture: Fascinating Discoveries! - by Grant Jeffrey
28. False Christs, False Prophets, Deceivers Arise - by Bob Anderson
29. Famines, Pestilence, Earthquakes - by Lester Sumerall
30. Perilous Times in a Wicked Generation - by Steve Butler
31. Decline and Fall of the American Family - by Chuck Missler
32. The Great Physician's RX for Mankind - by John Wesley White
33. Globalism's Siren Song - William T. James
34. The Psychic Guide Dogs - Bob Anderson
35. Tidal Wave of Apostasy - Grant Jeffrey
36. Kings of the East lust Westward - Chuck Missler
37. The Mideast March to Megiddo - Paul Feinberg
38. United Europe's Power Play - Arno Froese
39. Escape from Planet Earth - John F. Walvoord
40. Bridge over the Abyss - William T. James
41. Royal Ambassadors' End Time Diplomacy - David Benoit
42. Man Targeted for Extinction - David Benoit
43. European Union on the Brink - Arno Froese
44. Globalist Rife at the Throttle - Dave Breese
45. End-Time Man: Personal Characteristics - Joseph R. Chambers
46. False Christs, False Prophets, Great Deception - Ed Hindson
47. Russia on Edge - Tim LaHaye
48. Wars and Rumors of Wars - Daymond R. Duck
49. Rising Sun Nations on the Move - Tim LaHaye
50. Israel on the Spot - Zola Levitt
51. People of Apocalypse - Randall Price
52. Distress of Nations with Perplexity - Gary Hedrick
53. From Armageddon to the Millennium - John Walvoord
54. Doors to the Future - William T. James
55. Daniel's Last-Days flood - William T. James
56. Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes - William T. James

If you have any comments you'd like to make to Terry James, you can reach him at: wtjames1@swbell.net