Ron Graham was born in 1951 at Camp Cook, California which is now Vandenberg AFB. He is married and the father of 3 – Rodrigo, Michelle, and Amanda.

Before retiring he was Operations Manager and Director of Advertising for a national magazine based out of Oregon.

 Since accepting Jesus as his Lord and Saviour in 1995 his life was dramatically changed. Ron has prayerfully studied his Bible and the Holy Spirit has led him to study the works of many inspired men and has taught him discernment. It is amazing what the Lord can do when a man is willing to surrender to Him.

Ron currently lives in rural Missouri where he has been blessed to be asked to fill the pulpit of various vacationing pastors. He is eagerly awaiting the Rapture, but working diligently for the Lord until that day.




Ron Graham

1. Eternal Destiny
2. Led Astray
3. Kicking Against the Norm
4. Happiness
5. Lies
6. Metaphorically Speaking Path
7. Bible Prophecy
8. Evangelical Nation
9. Atheist Claim, There is no God
10. The One True Church
11. Conformed to the World
12. The Beginning of Knowledge
13. Gods or God
14. In The Beginning
15. Oh No, I Think I Just Lost My Salvation!
16. Tears in Heaven
17. Sufficiency of the Cross
18. The Narrow Path
19. The End is in Sight
20. A Famine in the Land
21. Denying Christ
22. My Redeemer Lives
23. To Be or Not To Be… a Frog
24. Foundations of Deception
25. Satan’s Agenda
26. All Roads Lead to Heaven…Not
27. Is Satan a Believer?
28. Double Minded
29. Moral Decay in America is in High Gear
30. Pharisees and Blasphemers
31. Systematic Elimination of the Holy Bible
32. God’s Curse
33. An Inheritance
34. Moral Decay in America is in High Gear
35. Is Satan a Believer?
36. America and the Repeat of History  
37. Let’s Blame God 
38. Choose Wisely 
39. Sons of God  
40. A Love Story
41. When Our Walk Fails
42. Born From Above
43. America, Where’s Your Heart?  
44. America, Where’s Your Heart? (Continued)
45. Repent
46. Stepping Out – In Faith
47. Behold the Christ Child
48. Something Evil This Way Comes – Again
49. Pottersville and the Church  
50. Wise as Serpents
51. Turkey Soup
52. Almost Persuaded
53. Standing against the King
54. Jonah’s Warning
55. Confronting Unbelief  
56. The Flourishing Laodicean Church  
57. Take up your Cross
58. Upholding the Universe 
59. Judge Not
60. For God So Loved...Dirt?
61. From Generation to Generation
62. One Nation Under...Obama
63. Rejecting God’s Final Messenger
64. Celebrating Darwin’s Birthday
65. The Rapture vs. Witnessing
66. The Gadarene Demoniac
67. That None Should Perish
68. The Wrath of God
69. Get Out of the Boat
70. Two Kinds of People
71. Secular Hostility? Well not Exactly  
72. Rebels without a Cause  
73. There are Pestilences and then there are Pestilences  
74. Silence of the Lambs
75. Surprise!  
76. Christians, Conspiracies, Faith and Love  

77. Exclusivity of the Christian Faith 
78. Dead Faith  
79. All Appearance of Evil
80. Thy Will Be Done
81. Strongholds and Weak Folds
82. Every Kingdom Divided Falls
83. “I’m Not a Practicing Christian”
84. Health Hazards
85. Earth’s Final Days
86. Mustard Seeds and Mega-Churches
87. His Name, Our Hearts
88. Where’s Your Home, Christian?
89. “In Christ”
90. Learned Behavior
91. Thief on the Cross
92. Speaking the Truth
93. Blessed are the Persecuted
94. False Teachers – Damnable Heresies – Apostasy
95. GOD CAME – Let’s Celebrate  
96. Homosexual Bishops
97. Is Obama a Muslim?
98. My God Won’t Send Me to Hell!
99. And the Bible’s Attacked Again
100.Chicken Feathers
101. Does God Care?
102. Jesus Saves, for Life
103. Perplexity, Despair, and Hope
104. Complete Lack of Understanding  
105. Seed Scatterers  
106. For Every Man
107. A Prayer for Change 
108. Defeated Christians
109. Close Encounter or Just Shock
110. American Sharia
111. What About the Children
112. How Can They Be So Blind
113. The Days were Filled with Guns and Wars
114. Evil Days Ahead
115. Carnally Minded
116. “New Christianity”
117. Waxing Cold in the Last Days
118. Consequences to Bad Decisions
119. Giving Up
120. Saved, and I Know it
121. I Pledge Allegiance
122. Wells without Water
123. What Do We Say
124. Look Up
125. Second Chances
126. Space – The Final Frontier
127. Three Step Process
128. Christian Hate
129. That’s Offensive
130. Doctrines of Demons
131. Good Luck
132. Demolishing Enemy Strong Holds
133. Wicked Ways – End Times Has the Word of God Gone Missing?
Born Again Christians and Sin
Where’s the Church?
America’s Degeneracy is Flourishing
PC Runs Amuck – Among Christians
Denial of the Trinity – Same as Rebellion
Time Has Come – Let’s Pray
A Backup Plan  
Burning Books
Here We Go Again
Emulating Martyrdom
Women Pastors
On Broadway
Pulling the Wool over God’s Eyes
Giving God the Glory
Can It Be
Satanic Attack/Fallen World
Saved – by a Building?
Right – In Their Own Eyes
Wealthy Christian Leaders
Strange Flesh Punishment – God Style
Always, The Poor Will be With You

Thy Kingdom Come – Thy Will Be Done
“Children of the Light” – “Day of the Lord”
Preach the Gospel
The Father Draws
Stoning False Prophets
Of Beasts, Birds, and Fish
Fountain of Youth
Laodicea Revisited
Biblical Knowledge Going Extinct
Prince of Peace
Not Ashamed
“Lord, Lord”
Who Killed Jesus
Folly and Shame
Idol Worship
Different Soil – Same Seed
All Bad Church Doctrine is Intentional
Got Oil
Time – A Persistent Illusion
Christian Scoffers Abound
Patience and God’s Miracle’s
Two Distinct Events
Call No Man Your Father
Everything Falls Apart
Rewards – Blessings – and Salvation
Mōrologia – Foolish Talk
A Father and Son Reunion
Open Doors
Another Gospel
Suffering with Christ
Judgment – God’s Style
Deception at the End
All the Peoples of the Earth
Do You Know Him
Do You Trust Him
Plenty to Go Around

In His Hands
Two Thieves, a Jailer, and God
What Jesus Did For Me
Called By His Name
Embedded (Satanic) Words
Where Have all the Demons Gone
Well Kept Secret
Books, Books, and More Books

Because the Days are Evil
Times That Try Men’s Souls
It’s Personal not Corporate
Name above All Names
Paradise Lost
Kingdom of Darkness
Wise Men Still Seek Him
Return of the Nephilim
Seventy Weeks of Years
Who You Gonna Blame

America Celebrates 54 Million Abortions
Jude, Enoch, and the Hybrids
Satan’s Highly Successful Tool
Bombs over Persia
Faith Compromised

2012 – The Legacy of Quetzalcoatl
Fearless Christians

Interdimensional Travel
Alpha And Omega
Speaking the Truth in Love
The Rapture of the Ekklēsia
Mean Spiritedness

No Middle Ground
The Imminence of the Harpazō
God Speed - Doctrines of Demons
A Peculiar People
Buffeted Yes, Never Defeated
One Verse Does not Establish Doctrine
Add Not – Nor Diminish Ought
The Salvation of Israel

America in Prophecy
The Coming Storm
Justification, Sanctification, Glorification
Them that Defile Themselves
“Tweaking the Scriptures”